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University of Delaware Department of Physical Therapy Service Learning Academic Study Service Learning Practical Experience Civic Engagement 1 Definition Purpose of Service Learning SL Service Learning In service learning one experiences a broad spectrum of experiences ranging from volunteerism to reflective social change Your individual experience s will fall at different points of this spectrum Service learning differs from traditional clinical education in the health professions in that Service learning strives to achieve a balance between service and didactic course learning objectives Service learning partners must negotiate the differences in their needs and expectations Service learning places an emphasis on addressing community concerns and broad determinants of health Service learning involves a partnership between communities and health professions schools Service learning emphasizes reciprocal learning where traditional definitions of faculty teacher and learner are intentionally blurred We all learn from each other Service learning emphasizes reflective practice facilitating the connection between practice and theory while fostering critical thinking Service learning allows students to place their roles as health professionals and citizens in a larger societal context where the provision of health services is not often the most important factor Volunteerism This category reflects performing community service but does not necessarily involve your didactic training with the service in which you are participating Examples of volunteerism include performing registration duties at an event that is dedicated to a charity performing duties in a homeless shelter that do not include any aspect of physical therapy volunteering at a community event i e distributing information not related to physical therapy organizing a food or toy drive Volunteerism is not a requirement but can be utilized for up to 5 hours of the SL requirement Requirements A The students are

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