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Activity classroom Student Handout Big Meadow Creek Watershed A Rangeland Planning Simulation Objectives 1 Experience the give and take that occurs when representatives of competing interests participate in a collaborative planning management activity 2 Explore personal values of what is good or bad and compatible or incompatible uses of rangeland resources 3 Encourage creative solutions in disputes over rangeland resources General Plan The mayor of Westerly has called for the creation of the Big Meadow Advisory Panel B MAP to solve environmental conflicts that arise in the Big Meadow Creek Watershed This watershed does not exist but is modeled on a real landscape in south central Idaho Conflicts will be addressed in the following steps 1 Overview the History of Big Meadow Creek Watershed 2 Meetings of the groups participating in the B MAP 3 The first meeting of the B MAP will focus on introductions of the groups represented and each group will present their values beliefs and preferences for rangeland use 4 The second meeting of the B MAP will be dedicated to managing several problems that have arisen and then reporting back to the Mayor 5 Additional meeting of the B MAP will address a serious issue that involves a conflict between and endangered bird species and the livestock that graze land in that bird s habitat Final management plans will be developed and presented to a Judge that has been appointed to make a decision in the case Overview and History of Big Meadow Creek Watershed The Big Meadow Creek Watershed is a 531 748 acre area which forms the drainage of Big Meadow Creek This is roughly 860 square miles imagine an area between parallel mountain ranges that s 40 to 45 miles long and averages 20 miles across The creek got its name during the homesteading era by the pioneers and settlers who recognized the rich grassy meadows in the valley The meadows were excellent forage for cattle so the valley was quickly homesteaded by 81 homesteaders who each claimed

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