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University of California at Santa Barbara Donald Bren School of Environmental Science and Management ESM 280 ORGANIZATIONS AND ENVIRONMENTAL LEADERSHIP Fall 2010 Instructor Dr Celine Gainet 3412 Bren Hall Class Lecture T 8 30 11 20 Bren 1520 Office hours Monday 2 to 4pm or by appointment Email celine gainet anderson ucla edu Course Overview and Objectives All environmental problems have a human dimension Environmental change will only occur through individual leadership and collective action ESM 280 introduces students to organizational dynamics and the analytical and communication skills which environmental leaders need to motivate change In this course you will learn about organizational behavior and theory in order to better understand the organizational contexts of the workplace and other institutions in society Second you will learn about group dynamics in order to become a more effective group member Third you will gain an understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses as a leader manager through your interaction with a team during group work and in the classroom This course will provide an opportunity for you to become reflective about your own ability to lead environmental change in the organizations where you will work and to hone the communication and persuasion skills necessary for your success in these change efforts Learning Method We use a unique teaching method in ESM 280 that requires students to engage in self motivated actions to learn about their own leadership abilities and to develop new analytical skills Since most organizational work is done in groups a central locus of this learning about one s self and one s abilities takes place in groups The teaching faculty creates learning opportunities by providing situations and materials that spur group interaction and personal reflection on the success or lack of success of individual and group actions 1 Since there are significant differences in the experience levels of students in the MESM

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