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Mediascape 11 17 08 1 51 PM email address Out of the Mouths of Babes Animated Sitcoms and Political Incorrectness by Philip Scepanski Download as PDF The Sarah Silverman Program Mind of Mencia Chapelle s Show and It s Always Sunny in Philadelphia notwithstanding it would seem that the most popular politically incorrect television shows as well as those that draw the most flak are animated South Park and Family Guy are the most prominent and successful among a group that also includes The Boondocks and Drawn Together and there are numerous other shows that may include such jokes even if they do not make such consistent use of them as the series listed above Before exploring this topic further it is worth describing the tendencies of the above programs in terms of the targets of their satire While all of these shows suggest a general rebellion against the strictly enforced politeness of political correctness they activate this style of comedy to different ends Indeed the use of politically incorrect humor in each of these shows is quite different file JordanJennings 20Design Mediascape html Fall08 Scepanski html Page 1 of 6 Mediascape 11 17 08 1 51 PM Drawn Together One might set up pairs of shows in opposition to one another While Family Guy may aggravate identity politicians with its racist and sexist humor it maintains a consistent criticism of Republican politicians and American neoconservatism On the other hand South Park is held up by some as the voice of hip conservativism because of its willingness to take on issues like hate crime legislation and environmentalism while skewering liberal figures from the contentious Al Gore to the near universally loved Bono 1 Of course both of these shows contain a decent amount of I can t believe they just said that comedy but both also make more serious arguments about specific political issues There are programs however that operate more exclusively in one or the other style of comedy Though Drawn Together occasionally

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