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MS 168 M L Monreal Cyberspace Revolution or Hegemony Homo sapiens are incredibly complex Our evolution is the result of a series of biological changes with the utmost capability of adapting to a vast range of environments Yet this biological evolution intertwines with a complex cultural evolution This cultural evolution enabled our species to develop the most advanced culture of all animal species in the planet s history Therefore to study humans we must take into consideration both our biological as well as our cultural evolution The following is an analysis of the way that technology impacted our human evolution The complexity of culture can be a difficult concept to grasp In the history of humanity we have undergone two major revolutions which radically changed our culture The first was the Neolithic revolution approximately 10 000 years ago where the way of life and ideology changed completely Prior to this period of time humans lived as hunters and gatherers in balance with the population density and the amount of resources though some would argue that foragers drove many animals to extinction e g driving herds off a cliff A surplus of food allowed sedentary lifestyle and labor specialization which in turn resulted in technological advancements The second major revolution took place about 300 years ago in what historians call the industrial revolution This revolution caused the most drastic changes within our culture The industrial revolution gave rise to consumption of goods and services based on desire regardless of actual need Advertising and marketing turned former citizens into consumers and production and waste attained levels never seen before In the first half of the 20th century humans used more resources than in the entire 100 000 years of the existence of our species Earth and the American Dream 2004 1 MS 168 M L Monreal Today we are in the middle of a third revolution what Lev Manovich calls the new media revolution 2001 He explains how the new

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