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Finance Business Economics Department MBA Concentrations 2006 2007 The Marshall School s top ranked Finance and Business Economics FBE Department faculty members are leading authorities in corporate finance investments financial institutions financial markets and real estate finance These academic disciplines are important for business planning and consulting evaluation of capital projects and corporate strategies and securities investment analysis advising and trading Professors from FBE augmented by leading practitioners in industry offer a range of elective courses preparing Marshall graduates for a variety of careers The department offers four concentrations General Financial Management allows you the most flexibility in course selection suitable if you have a strong interest in finance but have not identified a particular career path in the field The concentration prepares you for careers in corporate project analysis and budgeting business consulting marketing financial services to corporations employment in small business or start up entrepreneurial firms and general management in financial areas of all manufacturing and service industries If you are seeking positions in corporations or consultants to business having a general financial management focus and or organize work in interdisciplinary teams to solve general business or strategic problems this will be a suitable concentration for you The format of the concentration allows you to select course offerings in response to your developing interests or perceived career preparation needs The Corporate Finance concentration trains you for positions in the financial management of corporations usually in the office of the chief financial officer or the financial strategy group of a company This concentration is excellent preparation for careers in firms advising or implementing corporate financial strategies like commercial and investment banks or management consultants The training is also appropriate if you anticipate having a wide range of responsibilities in the finance function of smaller firms or start ups The concentration emphasizes a thorough grounding in corporate financial strategy and valuation Investments and Financial Markets prepares you for careers in investment management and securities trading The insights that you will learn in these courses will help you obtain highly rewarding jobs as security analysts portfolio managers dealers buy side traders brokers and financial advisors You also will learn how to manage firms engaged in trading and or investment management You may select specific courses to advance a single career objective e g portfolio management or your may choose a broad range of courses to obtain a balanced exposure to the principles that practitioners must master to succeed in modern investment markets A special 20 week course see footnote in table following is also available in the department to prepare students for the chartered financial analyst CFA examination the CFA is a widely used industry credential The Real Estate Finance concentration prepares you for the wide range of careers associated with real estate real estate development valuation and financing of real estate projects and securitization of real estate assets This training is relevant if you plan on a corporate career with a financial institution bank insurance company or investment bank that provides real estate financing or if you will be working with or for real estate developers or corporations with major real estate holdings or activities It is also excellent training for students anticipating entrepreneurial careers involving real estate investment July 06 2006 1 FINANCE BUSINESS ECONOMICS MBA CONCENTRATIONS OVERVIEW CONCENTRATIONS Required Courses Elective Courses General Financial Management Choose At Least Two FBE 529 FBE 531 FBE 532 FBE 555 FBE 556 Choose Up To Two FBE 516 FBE 558 FBE 524 FBE 559 FBE 525 FBE 562 FBE 527 FBE 563 FBE 529 FBE 564 FBE 531 FBE 565 FBE 532 FBE 570 FBE 533 FBE 588 FBE 535 FBE 589 FBE 543 FBE 591 FBE 552 FBE 595 FBE 554 FBE 557 FBE 555 FBE 556 Corporate Finance Investments and Financial Markets Real Estate Finance FBE 589 FBE 555 FBE 591 Choose Four FBE 525 FBE 527 FBE 529 FBE 531 FBE 532 FBE 533 FBE 558 FBE 564 FBE 570 ACCT 572 Choose Three FBE 524 FBE 529 FBE 535 FBE 543 FBE 554 FBE 556 FBE 562 FBE 589 FBE 525 Choose Two FBE 565 FBE 570 FBE 588 FBE 595 i All FBE elective courses with the exceptions of FBE 516 FBE 562 and FBE 563 have either GSBA 521 or GSBA 548 as their prerequisite ii Other Finance and Business Economic Electives not included in any of the finance concentrations FBE 571 572 573 CFA review courses July 06 2006 2 FBE CIS Graduate Certificate Program in Financial Analysis and Valuation The FBE CIS Graduate Certificate Program in Financial Analysis and Valuation will offer Marshall MBA students intensive instruction and training to successfully compete in the global financial markets In a joint effort between the USC Marshall Finance and Business Economics Department the Leventhal School and the Center for Investment Studies CIS they seek to sponsor the Graduate Certificate Program in Financial Analysis and Valuation curriculum so as to draw in areas of concentration through courses in financial accounting financial analysis valuation credit analysis and financial instruments and markets The Certificate Program is open to USC Marshall MBA students in good academic standing with a minimum GPA of 3 00 There are two different options depending on whether students elect to emphasize Investments or Corporate Finance and whether a student is admitted to the Student Investment Fund Program The courses from which students may select five are the following I Investments students are required to complete the following courses required for students who are admitted to the Student Investment Fund Program REQUIRED COURSE FBE 529 FBE 555 Financial Analysis and Valuation Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management UNITS 3 3 AT LEAST 1 FROM ACCT 572 Corporate Accounting and Reporting ACCT 581 Financial Statement Analysis 3 3 AT LEAST 2 FROM FBE 535 Applied Finance in Fixed Income Securities FBE 543 Forecasting and Risk Analysis FBE 554 Trading and Exchanges FBE 556 Advanced Topics in Portfolio Management FBE 559 Management of Financial Risk FBE 589 Mortgages and Mortgage Backed Securities and Markets ACCT 572 Corporate Accounting and Reporting ACCT 581 Financial Statement Analysis 3 3 3

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