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Factors Affecting Effort to Integrate and Test a System of Systems Richard D Stutzke Science Applications International Corp 6725 Odyssey Drive Huntsville AL 35806 3301 USA 256 971 6528 office 256 971 6678 facsimile 256 971 6562 asst Presented at the 20th International COCOMO and Software Cost Modeling Forum Los Angeles California 25 28 October 2005 Richard D Stutzke saic com 2005 by Richard D Stutzke SoS 1 Agenda Context Factors to Consider Modeling Approach Size Measures Single Build Multiple Builds Estimating Process 2005 by Richard D Stutzke SoS 2 Context Definition A System of Systems SoS connects multiple systems to solve a large scale problem Engineers have built systems of systems for a century or so Hardware intensive e g large ships Complex analog mechanical systems e g airplane Complex digital systems servos computers e g modern airplane Large integrated plants and information systems oil refiners airport Ultralarge netcentric systems e g Future Combat System Example the Future Combat System Design and integrate 14 major weapons systems Integrate and synchronize with 157 complementary systems Use 53 critical technologies 2005 by Richard D Stutzke SoS 3 Key Activities Requirement Analysis Ivy Hooks Architectural Design Dave Brown Build Integrate and Test Pieces COCOMO SEER SLIM Integrate the Component Systems Deploy Linear Model Operate and Maintain COTS Refresh Risk Management Edmund Conrow MBASE RUP 2005 by Richard D Stutzke SoS 4 Essential Complexity Factors The number of application domains The number of sites Homogeneity of configurations platforms applications Geographic dispersion The number of functional threads Use cases Must include exception handling 90 10 rule Degree of autonomy more functionality Required Performance Maturity of business processes detail of description Compliance uniform use of the defined processes Speed of response ops tempo Dependability Safety Security etc Unprecedentedness in any of the above 2005 by Richard D Stutzke SoS

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