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Teacher Information Necessary materials PowerPoint Guide Game Management Fish and Wildlife Resources Students will be able to Discuss controversies associated with wildlife game animals Discuss wildlife game management Game Management What issues do you see in this picture Carrying Capacity v Population Density Carrying capacity the number of individuals a particular area can support Population density the actual number of individuals in an area What occurs when these two do not coincide What is wildlife management The planned use protection or control of wildlife populations or the manipulation of habitat to meet societal goals Who owns wildlife State governments manage most wildlife Department of Natural Resources Federal government manages Migratory species Endangered species Wildlife on federal land U S Fish Wildlife Service National Marine Fisheries Service Natural Resources Conservation Service U S Forest Service Why manage wildlife Vast human population Vast human impact on the environment How do we manage wildlife Game refuges By manipulating habitat Manipulating habitat to create certain characteristics Fire maintains grasslands prevents tree encroachment benefits grassland wildlife species Manipulating Habitat Domestic livestock grazing Important to set back succession Can improve forage quality Overgrazing must be avoided Rest from grazing Creates more cover for some species Manipulate habitat cont Logging Sets back succession Logged areas produce more browse than mature forests Mechanical treatments Expensive Goal set back succession and increase diversity Includes mowing spraying herbicides disking bulldozing Manipulate habitat cont Plantings May plant some plant species for food Constructing cover Nestboxes wood ducks Build brush piles rabbits quail pheasants How do we manage wildlife Coordinate with other resources Farmers leave small portion of crop for wildlife Removal of a portion of wildlife populations Hunting regulations No hunting of some

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