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Slide 1 Enterprise Architecture Copyright Wyyzzk Inc 2004 Version 5 0 Slide 2 Lesson Goal Objectives Understand the purpose and nature of enterprise architecture Upon completion of the lesson the participant will be able to Describe architecture patterns at the enterprise level Identify constraints and issues at the enterprise level Copyright Wyyzzk Inc 2004 Version 5 0 Enterprise Architecture 2 Slide 3 Lesson Outline Enterprise Architecture What is enterprise architecture Patterns at the enterprise level Constraints and Issues Impact on Project Architecture Copyright Wyyzzk Inc 2004 Version 5 0 Enterprise Architecture 3 Slide 4 Enterprise Architecture An enterprise architecture concerns the hardware and software systems applications and data and their relationships across the whole enterprise This may or may not be formally described DB2 Server Web Server Apache Client Record Copyright Wyyzzk Inc 2004 Version 5 0 JDB Agency Client Firefox Agent Interface Enterprise Architecture 4 It is seldom that an enterprise architecture is planned More often it develops over time as systems and software are purchased and connected for individual products Places like Safeway retail grocer banks insurance companies and investment companies have been purchasing systems and software for decades usually without an overall plan One recent exception is WalMart This is a relatively new company founded after computers were in common use in retail So the enterprise architecture was planned not long after the company was founded At some point a company may decide to document the existing enterprise architecture then make changes to enforce standards or comply with regulatory requirements Because this is very expensive to do the usual approach is to work on it one project at a time each project team adds to the enterprise architecture the part they are using for their project An enterprise is typically a whole company or a whole division of a company For example Safeway IT is an enterprise whereas Highmark Blue Cross might have several different enterprises perhaps company internal systems insurance systems or marketing systems One of the things you have to decide for an enterprise architecture is what is the enterprise I am describing Many companies find it is not worth the time and money to do a project to identify every hardware system every piece of software and all of the relationships Rather this kind of information is collected when needed Often a particular project team will find that they have to identify and describe some part of the enterprise architecture in order to do their project It is rare for a company to have any one person or group of people who actually know the whole enterprise architecture The diagram shows a very simplistic enterprise architecture This is using the UML Unified Modeling Language notation The cubes represent computers The rectangles represent components or processes on the computers The lines show which computers can communicate with each other Things to notice the client records are on a different computer from the web server the agency client cannot directly access the client records there is no database cache on any computer the company uses apache and JDB for the web server and nothing else The last bit implies that the web server is running UNIX or Linux but unless that is noted on the diagram you do not know that for sure That would be good information to add to the diagram the kind of operating system each computer is running UML cube represents a computer device or execution environment all these cubes are computers rectangle on this diagram represents a component artifact or class client record is a class apache jdb and firefox are artifacts agent interface is a component Slide 5 Enterprise Architecture Infrastructure for each computer Name Hardware and Operating System Other environment information database TM Which systems access it Which systems does it access Where it is on the network subnet or cluster Wired or wireless Copyright Wyyzzk Inc 2004 Version 5 0 Enterprise Architecture 5 Other information might include protocols or interfaces supported by the system whether it is behind the firewall or in the DMZ can it be accessed outside the company any restrictions on its use average load on the system performance of the system level of fault tolerance backup schedule and any mirroring or caching of the data on the system Slide 6 Enterprise Architecture Applications Applications and batch jobs Where they are located Who accesses them and how Information Data where it is kept Who accesses the data and how Copyright Wyyzzk Inc 2004 Version 5 0 Enterprise Architecture 6 Slide 7 Enterprise Architecture An enterprise architecture will also typically include the important business processes of the company Typically these are written as use cases The enterprise architecture may also include maintenance type use cases In addition the enterprise architecture will include enterprise wide constraints Copyright Wyyzzk Inc 2004 Version 5 0 Enterprise Architecture 7 Use cases are text descriptions of process from the point of view of the user An example of an enterprise level use case would be this 1 The customer service representative receives an order for products 2 The customer service representative verifies that the order is complete and correct 3 The customer service representative gives the order to the warehouse manager 4 The customer service representative gives the payment to the accounting clerk 5 The warehouse manager creates a pick list from the order 6 The warehouse clerk uses the pick list to collect the products for the order into a bin 7 The warehouse clerk gives the bin and the order to the shipping clerk 8 The accounting clerk deposits the check 9 The shipping clerk creates a mailing label from the order 10 The shipping clerk puts the order and the items from the bin into a box 11 The shipping clerk puts the mailing label on the outside of the box 12 The shipping clerk contacts UPS to pick up the order The concern at this level is to show the basic responsibilities of each department and the communication between departments If the process is using software then you can reference the use of the software in the business process use case This will show which systems need to communicate in order to accomplish the business process Maintenance type use cases can include add a node remove a node take a node off line for maintenance bring a node online

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