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TOWER BUILDING Objective To allow for observation of team interaction while exploring collaboration and competition among groups particularly in reference to use of resources To explore aspects of teamwork planning role assignments and problem solving To explore the dynamics of working with ambiguous goals Group Size Minimum of two groups of 5 to 8 participants Time Required Approximately one hour Materials Miscellaneous items staplers scissors rubber bands string construction paper tape Tinker toys etc Tower Building Judges Role briefing Sheet for each group Instructions 1 Each group selects one person to be a judge The judges use the Judges Role briefing Sheet to determine the criteria for the winning tower 2 The groups are to build a tower with the materials they have been provided There are no rules for the construction process other than each tower is to be free standing 3 After time has passed the judges examine the towers choose a winner and share the results Processing Questions 1 What happened How did your group work What helped and what hindered the process 2 Was everyone s opinions ideas heard How did you decide which idea plan was the best 3 How did you perceive the judge from your group Did you think s he would remain loyal to the group Why or why not 4 How did the judges perceive their roles to be Did you feel any sense of bias toward your team s tower 5 Judges from your observation what did you observe about teamwork 6 If the groups remained competitive what was there reaction to being judged by criteria that was ambiguous at best Did the groups ever consider working together on one structure 7 If groups collaborated what prompted it Did everyone agree with the decision 8 What did you learn that you can you apply to your organization What do the materials represent The groups The judges Alternatives 1 The facilitator may distribute tower building supplies unequally 2 The materials may be auctioned off using fake money or poker chips thus adding

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