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Denotative and Connotative Meanings Teacher Sue McCullough Sanden Content Area Standard Waves 4 Literacy Standard School Golden Valley High School Waves have characteristic properties that do not depend on the type of wave As a basis for understanding this concept a Students know waves carry energy from one place to another b Students know how to identify transverse and longitudinal waves in mechanical media such as springs and ropes and on the earth seismic waves 1 0 Word Analysis Fluency and Systematic Vocabulary Development Students apply their knowledge of word origins to determine the meaning of new words encountered in reading materials and use those words accurately Instructional Objectives Definition of what is to be taught and learned Reading Strategies Vocabulary and Concept Development 1 2 Distinguish between the denotative and connotative meanings of words and interpret the connotative power of words Students identify words from the reading that are new in order to construct their own vocabulary list to learn Stoplight Vocabulary Self monitoring vocabulary comprehension Pair reading Curriculum Lesson Content Introduction of waves their nature classification requirements and sources Instructional Delivery Procedures Strategies Students read in pairs starting on page 684 of the text Students take turns reading one paragraph at a time out loud The student that is listening writes down any words stumbled on by the reader or words unknown to him herself or the reader After reading is complete students review the list of words circling non science words and underlining science words Students star the 15 words they believe are the most important words to include in the class vocabulary list The whole class works together to construct a class vocabulary list from the lists the pairs of students composed A total of 12 words should be agreed upon The class then agrees on methods of study that have helped them learn vocabulary words in the past The class creates an assignment for learning the vocabulary words and a due date that is agreed upon with the teacher At the end of the lesson the students have constructed a 12 word vocabulary class list that they have agreed on and an assignment to help them learn the words Evidence Assessment Accommodations Reading difficulties This lesson reveals the reading level of students Students can choose their own partners so they are comfortable reading out loud in front of their partners Advanced learners English learners Text Instructional Materials Students are encouraged to help each other with words that are unknown to the student reading out loud Textbook

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