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Technology Tools for Change Module Objectives Describe change including technology and how it affects the classroom Explain how technology can motivate learners Give examples of how technology advances can break down many types of educational barriers Describe how the use of technology enables unique instructional capabilities Describe instructional changes that can occur with the addition of technology to the classroom Technology Tools for Change Change is a possible outcome of learning Change is inevitable in society work environments and classrooms Change is rarely easy Technology Tools for Change Educational Technologists face many challenging issues as they strive to promote systemic change in the educational environment while breaking down the barriers Educational Technology Educational Technology is a combination of the processes and tools involved in addressing educational needs and problems with an emphasis on applying the most current tools computers and their related technologies M D Roblyer 2000 Technology Use in the Classroom Can Motivate student s learning Remove societal barriers Provide unique instructional strategies Encourage life learning skills Motivating Learners Student s perception of themselves as being in control of their own learning can be intrinsically motivating for most students Motivating Learners Technology s visual and interactive characteristics capture and hold students attention which is essential for effective instruction See Motivation through ICT in Featured Links Motivating Learners Technology can engage the learner throughout a longer time span such as the production process of creating editing illustrating and publishing a story Students pride in final polished products is often evident Breaking Down Barriers Technology can provide resources and alternatives for overcoming many barriers to learning Presenting information differently Re teaching lessons or specific skills Providing enrichment activities Lessonplansearch is

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