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asgn3d INSTRUMENTAL CONDITIONING Click HERE to review definitions of term s from Pavlovian conditioning Classical Pavlovian conditioning involves learning an association between two stimuli The person or anim al learns that when one stim ulus the conditioned Stimulus CS occurs a second stim ulus the unconditioned stimulus US will follow regardless of what s he does The learned response to the Conditioned Stim ulus is the conditioned response CR That conditioned response appears to prepare the subject for the effect of the Unconditioned Stim ulus and often resem bles the unconditioned response UR which the Unconditioned Stim ulus elicits triggers Instrumental conditioning involves learning the association between a response and its B F Skinner was the most forceful and influential advocate of instrumental conditioning and its importance in everyday behavior He and his associates and followers applied the concepts of instrumental conditioning to problems ranging from animal training to education treatment of psychological problems behavioral management of mentally retarded people and industrial management Skinner used the term operant conditioning which is slightly different from instrumental conditioning but the difference can be ignored Link to tutorials on behavior analysis developed by Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies consequences what happens im m ediately after that response E L Thorndike studied this process often called trial and error learning at the end of the 19th century As B F Skinner later pointed out trial and success learning is a m ore accurate description Based on his studies of chicks and cats Thorndike proposed the law of Effect This law states that the strength of a response increases when satisfier promptly follows it A satisfier is som ething an anim al or person consistently approaches and does nothing to avoid Response strength can be operationally defined in several ways rate of a response num ber of responses per m inute speed or

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