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I SYNTHESIS AND TESTING OF A SUPPORTED SHILOV OXIDATION CATALYST II INFLUENCE OF STRUCTURAL FEATURES ON ZEOLITE CHARACTERIZATION BY CONSTRAINT INDEX TESTING Thesis by John Reeves Carpenter III In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Pasadena California 2010 Defended May 28 2009 ii 2010 John Reeves Carpenter III All Rights Reserved iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Behind any achievement is a group of people whose contributions either directly or indirectly provide the support necessary to reach the goal This work is no different I am indebted to many people for helping me along my path of learning and discovery I will attempt to acknowledge many of those people here but am sure to miss some for which I apologize but assure your interactions were appreciated First I would like to thank Dr Mark Davis for the opportunity to be a member of his research group He has provided support and guidance that has allowed me not only to advance my knowledge scientifically and perform research but also learn on a more general level how to better attack problems and manage work processes In his lab I have had the opportunity to mature and grow as a research engineer Watching the various work in the lab has been exciting and I will continue to look back to see what the future holds for this lab I also would like to thank the other members of my thesis committee Dr Jay Labinger Professor Richard Flagan and Dr Stacey Zones Their time advice and support have been invaluable to me as I have worked to complete my thesis Part one of this thesis received financial support from BP through the Methane Conversion Cooperative The MC2 program provided a unique opportunity to experience a larger effort to research between multiple academic institutions and industry It was a program with a diverse set of views on the issues around methane activation and a interesting set of ideas Dr Labinger Dr John Bercaw and Dr Tom Baker from the

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