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CHAPTER 7 SKELTON FILL IN NOTES 2 Axial skeleton skull vertebral column thoracic cage 3 Fig 7 1 pg 199 4 I Skull two parts A Cranium Encloses and protects the brain 8 bones B Facial bones 14 bones Cranium A Frontal Forehead brain Anterior part of the cranium forming the superior eye orbits then horizontal to form roof of eye and the floor of anterior cranial cavity 5 Figs 7 4 A Pg 202 6 Figs 7 4 b 5 Pg 202 7 Fig 7 5a Pgs 203 8 Fig 7 5b Pg 203 9 B Parietal bones 2 bilateral posterior lateral 2 3 of cranium brain fig 7 5 a C Occipital brain posterior inferior part of the cranium D Temporal 2 bilateral inferior to parietals 1 houses external auditory meatus ear canal middle internal ear 2 Zygomaticus posterior part of zygomatic arch 10 Figures 7 5a pg 203 1 11 fig 7 8 pg 207 12 Sutures major immoveable serrated joints between previous cranial bones we ll get back to remaining 2 skull bones latter Sagital sutures lies in the mid sagittal plane separates the left right parietals 13 Fig 7 4b pg 202 14 B Coronal suture lies in coronal plane articulating both anterior parietals with the frontal bone C Lamboid suture posterior skull articulating both posterior parietals with the occipital bone D Squamous suture articulates inferior border of parietals w superior border of the temporal bones Cranial bones sutures prenatal newborns Cranial bones cartilagenous fontanelles sutures flexible child birth 15 fig 7 5 a pg 203 16 Last two cranial bones cranial floor E Sphenoid middle part of cranial floor 1 Weird bat shhaped bone that articulates w all the other 7 cranial bones 2 Superior surface contains sella turcica turk s saddle hold the pituitary gland hypophysis 3 Forms part of the cranial floor 4 Part of external skull anterior to temporal bone greater wing 17 Fig 7 6a pg 205 2 18 Fig 7 7a pg 206 19 F Ethmoid bone another bizarre shaped bone 1 Location midline in anterior part of cranial floor medial to orbits 2 Includes the cribiform plate a part of the roof of the nasal

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