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Perception Interventions Chapter 7 Perception Interventions Selective Awareness Humor Adopting Type B Behavior Improving Self Esteem Developing an Internal Locus of Control Anxiety Management Establishing Hardiness Type A vs Type B Behavior Type B behavior is the opposite of Type A behavior Take scale on p 122 Type A behavior is associated with coronary heart disease Characteristics of Type A behavior include Excessive external competitive drive aggressiveness impatient sense of time urgency free floating well rationalized hostility Verbal non verbal hurrying 1 Type B Behavior People are less prone to cardiovascular disease They exhibit no free floating hostility exhibit no sense of time urgency are not externally competitive Assertive but not aggressive Collaborative not autocratic Behavior Modification Behavior modification can help Type A people become more Type B New behaviors can be learned P 124 Define Type A behaviors that need changing Establish weekly realistic attainable goals define rewards for accomplishing Type B behaviors ignore or establish punishments for unwanted Type A behavior Hardiness Kobasa s orginal research Downsizing in Chicago Three Characteristics Commitment Control Challenge Follow up research What is most important 2 Stress Hardiness and Illness 1400 Illness Index 1200 1000 800 Low Hardiness High Hardiness 600 400 200 0 High Stress Low Stress Data from Kobasa et al 1982 Stress Coherence and llness 1400 Illness Score 1200 1000 800 Low SOC High SOC 600 400 200 0 Low Hassles High Hassles Data from Bishop 1993 Locus of Control Do you believe that life is something that happens to you or vice versa p 128 scale internal locus of control external locus of control With acceptance of control comes responsibility Understanding successes and failures 3 Choosing Positive Control Seeing the positive selective awareness Finding novel experiences breaking out of routines of life Remembering the positive gratitude Selective Awareness There is good and

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