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Afr j polit sci 1998 Vol 3 No 1 20 41 Towards the Creation of an African Civil Military Relations Tradition Rocky Williams Abstract This paper seeks first to underscore the limitations of Western models of civil control which African countries employ to create stable civil military relations Second it uses the recent experience of Southern African civil military relations to illustrate the extent to which effective civil control over the military has been secured through a combination of objective and subjective mecahnisms And finally it suggests some revisions in the conceptual architecture of late modern civil military relations theory so as to ensure that discipline is more consistent with the exigencies of the African political landscape Introduction The influence of Western intellectual and political traditions over both the political and intellectual traditions of the developing countries of the periphery has been well chronicled by a range of scholars and political analysts alike The economic dependence of African countries on their former colonial masters was replicated in the introduction of various political educational and intellectual systems that were markedly similar in both form and content to those of the departing Western colonisers Both the armed forces of African countries and the patterns of civilmilitary relations which began to emerge during the post colonial period mirrored this close ascriptive relationship between coloniser and colonised Although the ethnic and racial composition of the armed forces of the newly independent countries changed significantly in the first decade following independence their culture traditions and corporate identity remained strongly influenced by the discourses and ideological themes of the Western armed forces The emerging patterns of post independence civil military relations were also marked at the level of institutions and mechanisms by a strong similarity between 1027 0353 199a African Association of

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