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Fl China 19 48 50 2011 26 CUCUMIS Linnaeus Sp Pl 2 1011 1753 huang gua shu Lu Anmin Lu An ming Charles Jeffrey Herbs scandent or creeping annual Stem and branches scabrous hispid Tendrils slender simple Leaf blade almost orbicular reniform or cordate ovate undivided or palmately 3 7 lobed Plants monoecious rarely dioecious or flowers hermaphroditic Male flowers fascicled or solitary calyx tube campanulate 5 lobed segments subulate corolla rotate or subcampanulate 5 lobed segments oblong or ovate stamens 3 free inserted on corolla tube anthers oblong one 1 celled two 2 celled anther cells linear reflexed or curved connective produced rudimentary ovary glandular Female flowers solitary or fascicled calyx and corolla as in male flowers staminodes 3 subulate ovary cylindric ovules numerous horizontal style short stigmas 3 5 Fruit polymorphic fleshy indehiscent smooth or verrucose Seeds numerous compressed emarginate About 32 species tropical and temperate regions most species in Africa four species in China 1a Fruit smooth ovary hairy 1 C melo 1b Fruit and ovary muriculate or verrucose or sparsely tuberculate not hairy 2a Fruit oblong or cylindric 5 10 50 cm 2 C sativus 2b Fruit oblong smaller than 5 cm 3a Fruit oblong at least twice as long as broad muricate 3 C hystrix 3b Fruit obovoid only slightly longer than broad sparsely obscurely tuberculate 4 C debilis 1 Cucumis melo Linnaeus Sp Pl 2 1011 1753 hairs fruit in cultivated forms fragrant and sweet tian gua Farmlands roadsides Anhui Jiangsu Shandong Xinjiang also cultivated throughout China native to Old World tropics and subtropics introduced in New World tropics widely cultivated in tropical and temperate countries Plants creeping Stems and branches scabrous puberulent or hispid Tendrils filiform puberulent Petiole 7 12 cm setose leaf blade suborbicular or reniform 6 15 6 15 cm papery abaxially hispid adaxially scabrous undivided or 3 7 lobed dentate sinus truncate or rounded Plants monoecious or flowers bisexual

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