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The California Hotspots Project I Identifying regions of rapid diversification of mammals Ed Davis M Koo C Conroy J Patton C Moritz Museum of Vertebrate Zoology UC Berkeley Funded by Resources Law Group CA State Parks Thanks to J Grinnell colleagues T Smith V Sork D Ackerly T Barnosky D Wake A Vandergast A Bohonak Goal To maintain evolutionary processes and the viability of species and functional landscapes necessary to achieve this Moritz 2002 After Frankel 1974 A policy driven challenge to evolutionary biologists Active process of land acquisition for conservation in CA CSP TNC others 0 5B last 5 yrs for purchase Prop 84 6B 2007 2013 Get it right make it count Include Evol Processes as a major factor in planning to assist resilience Rayburn take a bow Where are the areas of active diversification Evolutionary hotspots Environmental surrogates for evolutionary processes South Africa Cowling et al Diversification across lowland upland gradients edaphic gradients macroclimatic gradients Neo endemism of CA plants polyploid derivatives Stebbins Major 1965 Hypothesis Elevated neoendemism in regions with recent Plio Pleistocene development of full Mediterranean climate AND not subject to recent glaciation also Raven Axelrod 1978 Endemism richness for species vs lineages Rissler et al 2006 Key evolutionary processes Generative processes Opportunity Adaptive diversification Abiotic gradients Niche space climate soils Biotic interactions character displacement eg novel communities suture zones Non adaptive diversification Genetic drift Genetic isolation Stability What biological data do we have need to map Evol hotspots Geographic distributions phylogeny species phylogeographic lineages Hotspots for short branch taxa neo endemism Hotspots of phylogeographic endemism Suture zones Spatial information on ecotypic differentiation phenotypes Subspecies endemism as a surrogate Today mammals only Subspecies as surrogates for geographic patterns of phenotypic adaptive divergence

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