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December 13 2004 11 51 FILE AMANDA DPF 2004 International Journal of Modern Physics A c World Scientific Publishing Company THE AMANDA NEUTRINO TELESCOPE ANDREA SILVESTRI for the AMANDA Collaboration Department of Physics and Astronomy University of California Irvine CA 92697 USA Received Day Month Year Revised Day Month Year We present recent results from the Antarctic Muon And Neutrino Detector Array AMANDA located at the South Pole in Antarctica AMANDA II commissioned in 2000 is a multipurpose high energy neutrino telescope with a broad physics and astrophysics scope We summarize the results from searches for a variety of sources of ultra high energy neutrinos TeV PeV diffuse sources by measuring either muon tracks or cascades neutrinos in excess of PeV by searching for muons traveling in the downgoing direction and point sources Keywords Neutrino Detector Neutrino Telescopes Neutrino Astronomy Antarctic Ice Ultra High Energy Neutrinos AMANDA Introduction AMANDA is the first neutrino telescope constructed in transparent ice and deployed between 1500 m and 2000 m beneath the surface of the ice at the geographic South Pole in Antarctica It is designed to search for neutrinos that originate in the most violent phenomena in the observable universe Galactic objects like Supernova Remnants and extragalactic objects such as Active Galactic Nuclei and gamma ray bursts GRB are expected to be the powerful engines accelerating protons and nuclei to the highest energies which eventually interact to generate neutrinos Although not explicitly discussed here the detector has measured atmospheric neutrinos and searched for neutrinos correlated with GRB1 1 The Detector The AMANDA II neutrino telescope2 is an array of 677 Optical Modules OM arranged in 19 strings The best sensitivity of the detector is achieved for neutrinos with E between 103 106 GeV Down going atmospheric s and up going s are the major contribution to the background The muon tracks are reconstructed with a

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