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Committee Field Experience Date Location 9 11 06 11 15 12 45 TBA Haley Minutes 1 Members Present Group I Marilyn Strutchens Sandra Harris Group 2 Jada Kohlmeier Paris Strom Group 3 Joyce Morgan Tracy Koerper Lora Bailey 2 Updates College of Education materials revised over the summer are now available at the College of Education Website Jada Kohlmeier suggested that drafts of documents that are policy related should be share with the faculty for review before documents are posted on the web Can we pull together a packet of the materials to send out to faculty for review or go around to the different departments to share the information and get feedback o Preteaching Packet o Procedures for Admission to Teacher Education o College of Education Interview Rating Scale o Admission to Teacher Education Application o Revised PEPE o Revised Orientation and Internship Handbooks Deans University Council on the Education Profession o Met July 11 2006 o Discussed the impact of courses on students Praxis Scores and how to help content faculty to become more aware of the needs of education students Sandra mentioned that students will need to get finger printed before interning next fall We discussed when students should take the Praxis Two semesters before the internship seemed most feasible due to topics that students need to learn Partnership Council on the Education Profession Auburn University o Met August 24 2006 o Discussed Faculty Recency Requirements and changes in field placements Director of Professional Education Services Peggy Dagley 3 Continued Items for Discussion The committee discussed ways of compensating cooperating teachers o Possible Options AU library privileges and book discounts The library privileges have been reinstated Sandra is sending out the information to the teacher It has dates Give a voucher for a three hour course Give some type of stipend The committee came up with the following recommendations Cooperating teachers should automatically receive

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