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Proceedings of DETC 04 ASME 2004 Design Engineering Technical Conferences and Computers and Information in Engineering Conference September 28 October 2 2004 Salt Lake City Utah USA DETC2004 57723 FUZZY LOGIC CONTROL FOR AN AUTONOMOUS UNDERWATER CRAWLER Douglas Welling University of Idaho Dean Edwards University of Idaho Mike Anderson University of Idaho ABSTRACT Current underwater crawling vehicles could benefit by using rotating head sonar data to avoid collisions with obstacles We have developed and optimized a fuzzy logic controller using software for simulation of an underwater environment The optimization results show near an order of magnitude increase in performance over both straight line and lawnmower search patterns with relatively small changes in the system parameters The fuzzy logic controller has the capability of navigating a crawler safely and quickly between mission specific points Keywords Fuzzy Logic Autonomous Optimal Control INTRODUCTION Even in a time of relative world peace there is still a need to maintain the largest and most effective navy in the world Autonomous mine countermeasures is a relatively old idea that is just recently being realized Single autonomous vehicles or fleets of autonomous vehicles are being used to search for and classify mines in shallow water and surf zones Some applications for this process are shallow water warfare amphibious assaults mine reconnaissance and terrain identification Such vehicles have been used successfully in Operation Iraqi Freedom and are being commissioned by the Navy to serve in future operations Crawling Autonomous Underwater Vehicles AUVs are referred to as crawlers Figure 1 Underwater crawlers are currently under development for use by the Navy The purpose of a crawler is to sweep areas of very shallow water surf zones and beaches while detecting and classifying mines and non threats Lawnmower style search patterns are typically performed A crawler will receive position updates from Long

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