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Lake Superior State University HU 256 Introduction to Film Tuesdays 5 00 9 00 pm Crawford 207 Professor Dr Mary Been Office Library 320 Office Phone 635 2116 Office Hours Monday 11 00 12 00 Tuesday 9 00 10 00 p m please notice Tuesday is p m Wednesday 11 00 12 00 2 00 3 00 Friday 2 00 3 00 E mail mbeen lssu edu Texts The Film Experience An Introduction Timothy Corrigan and Patricia White Boston New York Bedford St Martin s 2004 Additional readings will be announced from time to time in class These readings will be made available as handouts reserve readings in the library or readings online Course Description Catalog Description An exploration of film as an image of our culture in both its technical sense and in its role as a contemporary art form which conveys and delimits our aesthetic and social values Focus on the visual elements of film historical development of the medium and its narrative modes through screening of significant films Dr Been s addition to the above Our focus in this class will be on how to read film as a text We will be looking less at the technical side of film and more at the cultural side of film in its multiple roles as escapist comfort as soothing balm as agitator for change and as propagandizer for existing power structures Our focus will be on examining the methods film employs in evoking those responses Please be aware This course will screen several films that contain profanity and some nudity If you feel you cannot for whatever reason view films that contain this type of content this is not the class for you You should consider taking a different Humanities course Course Objectives Build a vocabulary of basic film terminology Develop familiarity with some of the most well known film genres Learn strategies for evaluating a film s impact on the viewer Learn how to read beneath the surface of a film Develop a healthy skepticism about a film s ability to direct our emotions and responses Learn to write about film Have some fun with film Attendance It is crucial that you be here for all classes Your grade on your quizzes and exams will not be as strong if you are not here to participate If you miss more than three classes during the term not including college excused absences I reserve the option of deducting points generally five points per absence from your total class points for each additional absence If you must be absent you are responsible for following the syllabus in order to keep up You should also find out from a classmate what happened and the details of the homework Although I am always available to you during office hours or by e mail for assistance with your writing or other projects I do not answer questions such as What happened in class today or What is the homework You may find out the answers to these questions by consulting the syllabus and or a classmate I am here to teach the class at the assigned time I expect you to be here at that time too I do not do one on one reviews of missed material except under extraordinary circumstances Instructor Availability I encourage you to stop by or call during office hours if you have questions problems or even just want to chat for a couple of minutes If you want to talk with me but my posted office hours conflict with your class or work schedule let me know and we will work out an alternative meeting time I am also available to you on e mail mbeen lssu edu Please see restrictions on e mail questions under attendance E mail The subject lines of all messages to me should say Hu256 along with a brief description of your message s subject for example Hu256 Quiz Two question Please always remember to give your full name and e mail address at the end of your message Keep in mind that you will receive formal notification of college and class business ONLY at your lssu edu e mail address Class Protocol on Electronic Devices Cell phones need to be turned off during class If you have an emergency that requires you to have your cell phone on please see me Computers may be used for taking class notes but not for other uses unless that use is part of a class project Ipods blackberries etc all need to be put away during class Reading In addition to reading from the assigned text we will also be raising our film consciousness by reading the work of film critics Our readings will be close textually based readings I will expect you to read the pieces assigned in that manner Grading Project Points Quizzes 12 at 10 points apiece No makeups I give two extra quizzes during the semester If you have taken all twelve quizzes at the end of the semester I drop your two lowest grades 100 Midterm 100 Final 200 Paper 100 Total 500 Distribution of Grading Points 98 100 A 490 500 93 97 A 465 489 90 92 A 450 464 88 89 B 440 449 83 87 B 415 439 80 82 B 400 414 78 79 C 390 399 73 77 C 365 389 70 72 C 350 364 68 69 D 340 349 63 67 D 315 339 60 62 D 300 314 Note ALL projects must be completed in order to receive a passing grade in the course Calculating your own grade You may figure out what your overall progress grade is at any given point in the term Take the number of POSSIBLE points for the papers finished thus far and divide that number into the ACTUAL points you ve received on those papers So let s say that you re at week six and you ve taken the first five quizzes The total possible points for the first five quizzes is 50 If you have received 43 points thus far you divide 50 into 43 and get 86 An 86 is a mid range B Remember that within the 90 percentile range is an A 80 percentile a B etc Late Papers Take home quizzes exams and papers are due at the beginning of class on the day they are listed as due in the syllabus Unless you have made special arrangements with me before the work is due any late work will lose five points for each day it is late including weekends After one week late work will not be accepted at all Academic Honesty Academic dishonesty or plagiarism is not just copying it can also be a reference without attribution to another person s ideas even if that reference is entirely in your own words The penalties for plagiarism are severe from failure in a course to expulsion from the college We will be reviewing academic standards of appropriate use of other people s work MAKE SURE you are in class on those days You are responsible for understanding and applying the guidelines of appropriate use of sources …

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