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Lake Superior State University HU 256 Introduction to Film Tuesdays 5 00 9 00 pm Crawford 207 Professor Dr Mary Been Office Library 320 Office Phone 635 2116 Office Hours Monday 11 00 12 00 Tuesday 9 00 10 00 p m please notice Tuesday is p m Wednesday 11 00 12 00 2 00 3 00 Friday 2 00 3 00 E mail mbeen lssu edu Texts The Film Experience An Introduction Timothy Corrigan and Patricia White Boston New York Bedford St Martin s 2004 Additional readings will be announced from time to time in class These readings will be made available as handouts reserve readings in the library or readings online Course Description Catalog Description An exploration of film as an image of our culture in both its technical sense and in its role as a contemporary art form which conveys and delimits our aesthetic and social values Focus on the visual elements of film historical development of the medium and its narrative modes through screening of significant films Dr Been s addition to the above Our focus in this class will be on how to read film as a text We will be looking less at the technical side of film and more at the cultural side of film in its multiple roles as escapist comfort as soothing balm as agitator for change and as propagandizer for existing power structures Our focus will be on examining the methods film employs in evoking those responses Please be aware This course will screen several films that contain profanity and some nudity If you feel you cannot for whatever reason view films that contain this type of content this is not the class for you You should consider taking a different Humanities course Course Objectives Build a vocabulary of basic film terminology Develop familiarity with some of the most well known film genres Learn strategies for evaluating a film s impact on the viewer Learn how to read beneath the surface of a film Develop a healthy skepticism about a film s ability to direct our emotions and responses Learn to write about film Have some fun with film

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