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Quantities of Arsenic Within the State of Florida Completed on June 30 2003 Helena Solo Gabriele Ph D P E Donna May Sakura Lemessy M S University of Miami Coral Gables FL Timothy Townsend Ph D P E Brajesh Dubey Jenna Jambeck M S University of Florida Gainesville FL State University System of Florida FLORIDA CENTER FOR SOLID AND HAZARDOUS WASTE MANAGEMENT 2207 NW 13 Street Suite D Gainesville FL 32609 Report 03 06 i This page left intentionally blank ii TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS LIST OF FIGURES LIST OF TABLES LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS AND ACRONYMS UNITS OF MEASURE ABSTRACT iii iv iv vii ix xi CHAPTER I MOTIVATION OBJECTIVES DISCLAIMER AND U S ARSENIC SOURCES I 1 Motivation and Objectives 2 I 2 Disclaimer 2 I 3 Summary of Arsenic Sources in the U S 3 CHAPTER II SOURCES OF ARSENIC IN FLORIDA II 1 CCA Treated Wood 11 II 2 Arsenical Pesticides Not Including CCA 15 II 3 Geologic Sources 28 II 4 Other Fertilizers not from Phosphate Rock Mining 36 II 5 Fuels 38 II 6 Food Sources 40 II 7 Wastes Generated Within the State 44 II 8 Hydrosphere Rainfall Rivers and Soils 48 II 9 Other 54 CHAPTER III SUMMARY CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS III 1 Summary 58 III 2 Conclusions and Recommendations 64 III 3 Acknowledgments 66 REFERENCES 67 APPENDIX A SUPPLEMENTAL DATA AND DOCUMENTATION APPENDIX B LIST OF TECHNICAL ADVISORY GROUP MEMBERS AND MEETING ATTENDEES 77 135 iii LIST OF FIGURES Figure I 1 World and U S Production of Arsenic Figure I 2 Uses of Arsenic Within the USGS from Edelstein 1994 1995 1996 Reese 1997 to 2001 Loebenstein 1994 Figure II 1 Inputs Outputs Reservoirs and Control Volumes for the State of Florida Figure II 2 Agricultural Use of MSMA and DSMA During 1992 and 1997 Data from the National Center for Food and Agriculture Policy 2002 Figure II 3 Flow Chart of the Phosphate Fertilizer Production Process with Estimated Arsenic Concentrations Based Upon Mass Balance Considerations Figure III 1 Quantified Arsenic Input Fluxes for the State of Florida 2000 Figure III

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