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University of North Texas Percussion Manual 940 369 7974 E mail Mark Ford unt edu Websites www music unt edu percussion www youtube com user untperc Fall 2013 Summer 2014 This manual of procedure is intended to be a guide for UNT percussionists majoring in Percussion Applied Performance Concert Artist or Symphony Orchestra Player Jazz Studies or Music Education Concentration Jazz Artist or Public School Teacher Other concentration areas include Theory Composition and Musicology Bachelor of Arts in Music and secondary lessons minor or elective also follow these guidelines Please read and retain the information contained in the following pages UNT Percussion Faculty Mark Ford Coordinator Percussion Area Percussion Ensembles Studio Percussion Gideon Alorwoyie African Ensembles Jos Aponte Afro Cuban Brazilian Ensembles Christopher Deane Orchestral Studio Percussion Percussion Ensembles Paul Rennick Drumline Percussion Ensemble Studio Percussion Ed Soph Drum Set Adjunct Michael Drake Drum Set Henry Okstel Drum Set Robert Schietroma Studio Percussion Ed Smith Vibraphone Gamelan Ensemble Poovalur Sriji South Indian Cross Cultural Ensemble Office MU130 Telephone E Mail 940 369 7974 Mark Ford unt edu MU113 BH 201 MU140 940 565 4113 Gideon Alorwoyie unt edu 281 433 5411 jporventud hotmail com 940 565 3714 Christopher Deane unt edu MU141 940 565 2583 Paul Rennick unt edu MU133 940 369 7536 Edward Soph unt edu MU139 214 649 0704 mike mikedrakemusic com MU139 972 241 4781 hokstel aol com MU115 817 403 2025 doc drop6 com MU114 MA113C 214 529 9319 ed smith9 gmail com BH 206 940 594 1335 sriji poovalur com MU Music Bldg MA Music Annex BH Bain Hall Audition Scholarships Entrance Auditions Live or Video Link If you have been admitted to the University of North Texas you are eligible for acceptance as a music major in the College of Music In order to be a music major you must pass an entrance audition Audition days are scheduled in January February and March See the College of Music

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