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Montana State University REU project descriptions Summer 2007 Several students will work collaboratively on each project with faculty mentorship PROJECT 1 Neighbor discovery for an ad hoc network using smart antennas Richard S Wolff We are investigating the benefits of using smart antennas for mobile ad hoc networks in sparsely populated areas Smart antennas can greatly improve the wireless communication range and have been reported to improve throughput However there are many challenges for introducing smart antennas to an ad hoc network One key issue is neighbor discovery For conventional a mobile ad hoc network each node is equipped with an omni directional antenna which will periodically send hello messages to its neighbors to maintain an updated neighbor list However a smart antenna usually forms a beam in one direction or several distinct directions that makes the current neighbor discovery method invalid We will study neighbor discovery using beam switching methods The REU student will use Matlab simulation tools to study a new neighbor discovery methods for a network with N mobile nodes The locations of each node are obtained by other methods and the terrain in the region is known as well Other useful assumptions will be considered the smart antenna in transmission mode will form a beam in a specific direction while in receiving mode it will listen omni directionally PROJECT 2 Beamforming algorithm implementation Yikun Huang The goal is to develop and implement a beamfoming software package for a compact 8element array smart antenna system operating at 5 8GHz We have recently investigated and developed the first commercial technology to consolidate several advanced techniques i e smart antenna and WiMAX radio technology in one small size light weight multi function low cost communication unit providing users easy access to a communication network where wired transmission is too costly inconvenient or unavailable The student will run a Matlab simulation study

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