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A Global Battle Against Obesity nuary a J n a l P y bestoit adopt anA aggressive O World Health Organization will decide whether i t n A s y EV nc N e g E A G h s t l d a r He can combat plan outliningoways nations obesity include N 22 wo Suggestions U 5 e l s r a a n o d r t n u y E o children offering dabreaks and uestax reet Jat Govtsfood T t S g limiting advertising aimed l n l i a k c W a b e of a h s t T u r a io t 4 p u 0 a s 0 c 2 le 21 gaofvehealthful e subsidies to lower prices foods improving labels and lifesty food e s r t e n i e h e t l m s a n a r e h is v e d o t t o 10 of daily G added sugars curb om hear The plan also prto APto le o t t t trying just calories a n b la p p l e ations and h N y t i d s e t e i b n o U calls on food andtobeverage reduce companies to reduce the fat salt and sugar t r o f f e globainl their products content es t e b a i d d n Theaproposal has generated intense criticism from the U S government and from the sugar industry grocers soft drink makers and big food companies claiming the proposal isn t supported by science But if the World Health Organization approves the plan consumers will see a world wide push to help them improve their diets including international efforts to regulate food marketing pricing and production 1 Consumer Health Exercise Products and Services Exercise Products and Services Extent of the Problem Types of Exercise Exercise Facilities Services Equipment and Exercise Recommendations 3 Extent of the Problem 4 About 30 of adults get little or no physical activity and 73 are not active enough Engaging in 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity at least 5 days per week is recommended Women are less active than men at all ages African Americans and Hispanics are generally less active than whites Adults in northeastern and southern states tend to be less active than adults in north central and western states Participation in leisure time physical activity decreases as age increases Inactivity

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