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Editing in ArcMap Workshop 9 Many times the data that you need for your analysis will not be ready made for you In some cases you might be the first person interested in some spatial feature that is found only in printed maps or perhaps you are trying to determine how some not yet built feature might affect the landscape you are interested in In these cases you are likely to have to create your own features from scratch Or you might need to alter or add to already existing data that may not have been updated recently If any of these are the case you will need to be familiar with editing in ArcMap This tutorial will walk you through the very basic skills you will need to proceed with editing in ArcMap There are many ways to interact with data in the ArcMap Editing Environment and this tutorial will introduce you to only the very simplest tools Getting Ready for the Tutorial 1 Browse to the Map Collection website at http www library yale edu maps 2 Under QUICK LINKS follow the Download GIS Workshop Materials 3 Scroll down to the Editing in ArcGIS workshop materials and click on the Data link to download the materials 4 Download the Data file to an initials folder a folder with your initials as the folder name in the C Temp folder of your harddrive 5 Unzip the contents of the file to the initials folder Creating an Empty Shapefile 1 Browse into the resulting folder 09 Editing in ArcMap Data and find the map document New Haven Sanborn Editing mxd and open it by double clicking 2 Click on the ArcCatalog to launch ArcCatalog Button 3 In the TreeView of ArcCatalog browse to the Data Shapefile folder of the tutorial dataset 1 4 Right click on the Shapefile folder and select New Shapefile to open the Create New Shapefile Dialog Box 5 Name the new shapefile Hydrants New Haven 1901 6 Leave the Feature Type as Point 7 Click on the Edit button under the Spatial Reference Description to open the Spatial Reference Properties Dialog You will use the spatial reference from a

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