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Chemical Inventory Management What Works Leigh Leonard PRIZIM Inc Why Chemical Inventory Management The need to maintain an indefinite supply of chemical stocks is pass Why Right size your chemical inventory to Free up valuable shelf cabinet and fume hood space Improve productivity through labor savings Reduce likelihood of serious spills and chemical exposures Chemical Life Cycle Costs EH S Collection Disposal 9 21 Use Emergency Preparedness 6 8 27 5 Delivery Chemical Strategies Purchase Partnership Cost 8 Inventory Studies show that for every dollar spent on chemicals between 1 and 10 is spent managing those chemicals 5 Inspection 11 Procurement Used with permission from Tony Diamantidis Chemical Safety Software Approaches Front end Inventory Control Passive monitoring of what comes in without restriction Active point of purchase check point or approval required Chemical inventory management policy Automated Chemical Inventory Management and Waste Tracking Improves chemical stock utilization and makes cost allocation easier Components Inventory management spreadsheet or database Barcoding Waste tracking Chemical Inventory Management Chemicals for redistribution at UW Madison Back end inventory management Identify and earmark usable excess stocks Find either internal or external users Issues MSDS liability information dissemination Functionality of Automated Systems Link chemical to spaces within facility building Identify control areas spaces within building Laboratory design tie in Security tie in Allow users to share chemical products Ease of tracking and reporting List based Chemical Reporting Identity of specific material Identity and cumulative quantity Identify cumulative quantity and spatial differentiation Performance based Reporting Report by hazard category Report by hazard category and quantity Report by hazard category quantity and spatial distribution Report cumulative total quantity by physical state hazard category cumulative quantity and spatial distribution Stanford University System Requirements Provide value to the core business user generate compliance data as a by product of conducting core business Allow flexible implementation and maintenance Adaptable to new regulatory requirements Sustainable and scalable for the long term Integrate with purchasing and space management systems Examples of Commercial Systems ChemTracker Consortium College and university focused system developed by Stanford University Vertere Materials Compliance Solutions by Atrion Environmental Purchasing Program Can tie together with chemical inventory management Organized approach to proactively purchase environmentally preferable products Recycled content materials examples Environmentally friendly products Safer products Sustainable contracting Closing Thoughts Chemical inventory management system does not have to be fancy to be useful a simple spreadsheet can go a long way Most effective if used within a policy framework Purchase chemicals commensurate with normal use rates e g one to two semesters Approved chemical products list Standardize and share stocks within departments between schools

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