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Using Math to Teach English Armen Hovhannes City College of San Francisco ahovhann ccsf edu www ccsf edu shovanes CATESOL April 2006 Rationale Relevance Math is related to everything in life The so called new new math or whole math especially emphasizes this Math is about problem solving in real world situations Economics Finance Personal Family Business Macroeconomics Parenting Assisting kids with homework Brainstorm others here Rationale cont Many students have strong mathematical intelligence math intelligence is an untapped resource in the ESL classroom Many adult students have a lot of math schema in their L1 Math is an international language that communicates meaning Many immigrant students in community college have academic career goals in fields involving math science business Math is largely missing from most ESL courses curricula materials Basic Numbers Math Go beyond just reciting repeating the numbers Spice up your curriculum with some math basics in English Basic math operations vocabulary and expressions Addition subtraction multiplication division How to say plus minus equals etc How to pose the questions i e How much is Percents and fractions Decimals and commas Note that the use of the point as decimal marker varies in different countries Make sure S s are clear on the use of the point and the comma in the US How to say large numbers How to say numbers with decimals Basic Math activity Math Dictation In the classroom use calculators Or use Excel in the computer lab Math Games and other fun stuff for students parents Games with math and numbers Math Bingos Beat the calculator Number guessing games I m thinking of a number Web sites just a couple of examples Figure this At Home with Math Education Place Brain Teasers Personal Family Finance This is a real favorite with students I ve done it in various ways Here s one Introduce concept and terminology of budgeting Students brainstorm expense categories Food Rent Transportation etc This is excellent for

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