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Space Sci Rev DOI 10 1007 s11214 008 9421 5 OpenGGCM Simulations for the THEMIS Mission Joachim Raeder Douglas Larson Wenhui Li Emil L Kepko Timothy Fuller Rowell Received 17 March 2008 Accepted 18 July 2008 Springer Science Business Media B V 2008 Abstract The THEMIS mission provides unprecedented multi point observations of the magnetosphere in conjunction with an equally unprecedented dense network of ground measurements However coverage of the magnetosphere is still sparse In order to tie together the THEMIS observations and to understand the data better we will use the Open Geospace General Circulation Model OpenGGCM a global model of the magnetosphereionosphere system OpenGGCM solves the magnetohydrodynamic MHD equations in the outer magnetosphere and couples via field aligned current FAC electric potential and electron precipitation to a ionosphere potential solver and the Coupled Thermosphere Ionosphere Model CTIM The OpenGGCM thus provides a global comprehensive view of the magnetosphere ionosphere system An OpenGGCM simulation of one of the first substorms observed by THEMIS on 23 March 2007 shows that the OpenGGCM reproduces the observed substorm signatures very well thus laying the groundwork for future use of the OpenGGCM to aid in understanding THEMIS data and ultimately contributing to a comprehensive model of the substorm process Keywords THEMIS OpenGGCM Magnetosphere MHD Simulation Substorm J Raeder D Larson W Li E L Kepko Space Science Center University of New Hampshire Durham NH USA e mail J Raeder unh edu D Larson e mail Douglas Larson unh edu W Li e mail wenhuil cisunix unh edu E L Kepko e mail Larry Kepko unh edu J Raeder Physics Department University of New Hampshire Durham NH USA T Fuller Rowell CIRES Colorado University Boulder CO USA e mail Tim Fuller Rowell noaa gov J Raeder et al 1 Introduction The substorm debate has been a central part of space physics for over four decades and centers on the question of what physical process es

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