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Advanced LIGO SUS Installation into BSC Chambers Mechanical Fixtures Dennis Coyne with input from many G050245 00 May 4th 2005 LIGO G050xxx 00 D Scope z z z Scope limited to installation of Adv LIGO SUS into BSC chambers although use of fixtures for installation of other equipment is noted Identify the major steps in the mechanical installation sequence and the tooling or procedure development needed to support the installation Specifically address review of two special purpose installation fixtures Payload Polar Positioning Fixture P3F 1 A fixture which supports payloads for the BSC optics table from underneath and precisely positions the payload in a polar coordinate system Articulated Installation Arm A multi linkage fixture which mounts to the BSC main access port flange reaches outside to pick up BSC optics table payloads and reaches inside to transfer the payload to the P3F or possibly to directly transfer the payload to the optics table if a vertical lift positioning capability is added to it s interface z Subsystem assembly is not addressed Electronics installation and optical alignment are also not within the scope of this document or associated review 1 OK I admit that this is a lame name but I don t care for the alias lazy Susan Any better names LIGO G050xxx 00 D Applicable Documents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 O Spjeld Advanced LIGO Quad Suspension Installation Fixtures Design Review 26 Apr 2005 LIGO T050071 00 K Mailand Advanced LIGO Lower Quad Suspension Installation Fixture Arm 2 May 2005 LIGO T050073 00 D Coyne Stress Analysis of the Lower BSC Chamber with an Installation Fixture Cantilevered from the Main Port Flange 17 Dec 2004 LIGO T040234 00 D Coyne Advanced LIGO Assembly Installation Plan 14 Oct 2004 LIGO G040459 00 J Romie C Torrie M Perreur Lloyd Advanced LIGO Quadruple Pendulum Suspension Failure Modes and Subsequent Repair Approaches 19 Jul 2004 LIGO E040329 03 B Bland C Gray K Ryan R Savage Observatory Contamination Control Plan 8 Mar 2001 LIGO M990034 C K Mason Initial Alignment Storyboard LASTI 18 Mar 2005 LIGO pending C Torrie et al Controls Prototype ETM Suspension presentation at the LSC Meeting 22 Mar 2005 LIGO G050175 01 C Cantley et al ETM Controls Prototype 3 1 Assembly Technique LIGO T05003400 D Coyne Seismic Isolation System SEI Payload Mass Properties Advanced LIGO 18 Mar 2004 E040136 00 LIGO G050xxx 00 D Payload to be Installed in BSC Chambers z SUS ITM quadruple pendulum ITM FM combined assembly BS triple pendulum ETM quadruple pendulum So far this is the only SUS BSC assembly with any significant design detail ITM is very similar BS is lighter but similar in dimensions z Non SUS AOS ETM Transmission Telescope AOS Beam Dumps possibly baffles separate from SUS AOS Pick Off Mirror Assemblies SEI Payload Mass Make Up Balance Mass Instrumentation misc LIGO G050xxx 00 D Layout of the ETM SUS Controls prototype reference LIGO T010103 2005 mm 710 mm x 550mm To 440 mm x 440 mm LIGO G050xxx 00 D ETM Controls Prototype Mass Budget Cf 418 kg from LIGO T030137 Upper Section 149 kg or 328 lbs Lower Section 272 kg or 600 lbs 18th March Total 422 kg or 930 lbs z UPPER TOP MASS 22 kg x 2 S Tablecloth etc NS 15 kg 25 C Top Stage NS 24 kg 25 C Ring NS 5 kg 100 C UPPER STRUCTURE 37 kg 25 C z 44 kg 19 kg 30 kg 10 kg 46 kg LOWER UI MASS 22 kg x 2 S PEN MASSES 40 jg x 2 S TEST MASSES 40 kg 2 S CLAMPING etc 23 25 C NS Ring NS 5 kg 100 C Lower Structure NS 23 kg 25 C TOTAL OVERALL NON SUSPENDED inc STRUCTURE LIGO G050xxx 00 D 44 kg 80 kg 80 kg 29 kg removable 10 kg 29 kg 422 kg 140 kg 8kg 30kg 42kg 6kg 50kg 136 kg BSC SUS are Two Part Assys z The BSC SUS assemblies have an upper and lower section which are joined just before installation Two section design facilitates welded silica fiber welding and upper stage wire suspension assembly disassembly in the event of fiber failure Total height of BSC SUS assemblies exceeds BSC door height but individual sections can fit through the door z Enables two fundamental approaches to installation Assembly entire SUS onto SEI optics table outside the chamber then install as a cartridge from above after removing BSC chamber dome This is the preferred approach for initial installation Bring lower section through one of the BSC access ports and join to the upper section This is essential for repairs and replacement e g broken silica fiber or magnet bond LIGO G050xxx 00 D 3 1 assembly Technique reference LIGO T050034 LIGO G050xxx 00 D LIGO G050xxx 00 D RECEIVE COC OPTICS INSPECT INVENTORY BOND QUAD EARS STORE TRANSPORT TO VEA STORE TRIPLE SINGLE OPTICS BOND MAGNETS STANDOFFS COC IO KEY STORE QUAD OPTICS SUS IO SEI SINGLE PEND MECHANICAL SUB ASSY SINGLE SUS SUB ASSY SANS OPTIC WRAP SUS STORE FINAL SINGLE SUS ASSY WRAP STORE STAGE CART TRANSPORT TO LVEA TRIPLE MECHANICAL SUB ASSY TRIPLE SUS SUB ASSY SANS OPTIC WRAP SUS STORE FINAL TRIPLE SUS ASSY WRAP STORE STAGE CART TRANSPORT TO LVEA QUAD MECHANICAL SUB ASSY UPPER QUAD SUS ASSY WRAP SUS STORE AIR RIDE TRANSPORT TO VEA INS RECEIVE SUS PARTS INSPECT iNVENTORY WRAP INVENTORY STORE CLEAN UHV BAKE RECEIVE GAZEBO FIXTURE RECEIVE SEI PARTS INSPECT iNVENTORY CLEAN UHV BAKE SMALL PARTS STORE SMALL PARTS STORE LARGE PARTS RECEIVE SEI HAM ASSY CART FIXTURE CLEAN PREP POSITION CART FIXTURE RECEIVE SEI BSC ASSY CART FIXTURE CLEAN PREP POSITION CART FIXTURE RECEIVE FIBER RIBBON PULLING MACHINE CLEAN AIR BAKE GAZEBO ASSY PREP GAZEBO WRAP PACK STORE STAGE SEI BSC ASSY C O SETUP C O FIBER PULLING MACHINE LIGO G050xxx 00 D STAGE IN PREP FOR HAM INSTALL AIR RIDE TRANSPORT TO VEA WRAP PACK STORE STAGE AIR RIDE TRANSPORT TO VEA RECEIVE SEI BSC CARTRIDGE INSTALL FIXTURE FABRICATE FIBERS STAGE IN PREP FOR QUAD FINAL ASSY BSC SUS Install Steps MECHANICAL SUB ASSY SEI HAM ASSY C O STAGE IN PREP FOR HAM INSTALL STAGE IN PREP FOR CARTRIDGE INSTALL CLEAN PREP POSITION STAGE FIXTURE ATTACH UPPER QUAD TO BSC SEI OPTICS TABLE LOWER QUAD ASSY WELD FIBERS STORE SURVEY ALIGN QUAD SUS BSC CARTRIDGE INSTALL Basic BSC Cartridge Installation 0 Prerequisites completed Initial LIGO detector components removed HEPI installed etc 1 Stage cleaned assembled tested subsystem units in L VEA Place Cleanrooms Remove Upper Dome from the BSC chamber prepare 4 Assemble payload assemblies onto the BSC optics table Use standard handling equipment for transport to Cartridge assembly stand area under BSC cleanroom P3F Lift Table without support beam placed on stand to set proper height Lower Section of Quad placed on P3F support plate

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