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Classroom Discipline Plan Marc Hall 20 November 2005 Professor Schilling Classroom Behavior Management Marc Hall Professor Schilling Classroom Behavioral Management 20 November 2005 Discipline Plan Paper The ideas that I have for my class are simple ones When dealing with rules there are not many to follow The first rule is that the students be on time The second rule is that the students come prepared for class And the final rule is that the students be respectful of everyone in the classroom These rules are simple and can be maintained by the students The first two rules are geared toward getting the students focused and ready for the class If the students are late for class then they will miss out on many opportunities to learn The second rule of being prepared for class is to be focused If a student is unprepared for class then that student will again have to miss out on class time to go get their materials from their locker If these materials are not in their locker students my not be able to participate in classroom procedures These first two rules can be met by following rule number three Being respectful to everyone in the class means being respectful to the teacher the other students in the class and the classroom environment If the students respect the teacher and their fellow classmates then they will be on time to classes and be prepared for the class The basic procedure for each class will be to start the class by taking attendance and having the students complete some sort of bell work perhaps a question from the previous day The next step will be to have the students ask questions about the homework from the night before if there was homework Next we would start the lesson for the day Then finally have the last five minutes at the end of the class for the students to start their homework if it is assigned to ask questions about the class period or to ask questions about their homework Keeping the procedures for class periods similar helps the students to know what is coming and to be prepared for what is coming Fred Jones This also helps students to establish a routine which will help with rule number two of being prepared Fred Jones believes that by establishing procedures that this would better help the students in their learning The rules will be given by me during the first class of each semester By keeping the number of rules low students will remember the rules Something else that can help the students is to have the rules posted on a wall in the room for a reminder The rules will be the center of the first class period and from then on are to be followed Each rule as well as reasoning behind the rule will be explained If the students have questions or want a rule clarified they will have chance to ask after the rules have been explained The hope is that after the rules are explained and the students ask questions that the reason for the rules will be known and that the students will know what is expected of them This will not be easy but the hope is that by the students asking questions about the rules that they will be able to understand them better and will know how they are supposed to act The positive and negative consequence for breaking rules or following the rules will depend on what the student has done The consequences will be progressive they will not be the same for every case There is a need for positive reinforcement when rules are achieved It is important for young adults to be praised when they do the right thing CM Charles If students are working well and sharing with each other then there is a great opportunity to build up their self esteem and tell them that they are doing a great job When dealing with negative consequences it is better to approach the student individually rather than in front of the entire class This way the rest of the class is not being distracted and the student is not embarrassed It is also important to find out what is troubling the student and to get to the cause of their misbehavior CM Charles If the teacher can get to the source of the misbehavior then hopefully the misbehavior can become extinct Another strategy that can be used is having the students use of self discipline This means that while the teacher is having the one on one conversation the teacher can ask the student why they think they are in trouble as well as what should be done to fix the problem By doing this the students have a little more control and say in what their punishment is It also gives the teacher a chance to get at the problem that has caused the student to act out The teacher has the ability to probe deeper into the student s actions by asking question such as why did you do that Do you think that was nice of you to do Questions like that will help the student begin to think for themselves as to how what the student did was not the right choice to follow through with It is hoped that by giving the student such responsibility they will not act out and cause problems The teacher must agree to the punishment that the student has selected for themselves If the punishment is to light or to severe the teacher needs to tell the student to think of a new punishment that is more fitting for what they did The students will be asked to take a copy of the discipline plan home to their parents so that their parents will also know what is going on in the classroom It is important the parents know what is expected of their children To make sure that they have seen a copy of the rules there will be a slip for them to sign and the students will be responsible for turning in the signed slip A positive reinforcement for turning the signed slip in will be one point of extra credit The age level that this will be used for is high school The reason is that some parts of it are getting the student to understand what his mistake is on his own Most elementary students would not completely be able to understand and reach the conclusion on their own such as a student in high school would Also when the students are able to give their own discipline an elementary student would most likely not give an appropriate punishment for what they did A high school student should be able to figure out and appropriate punishment for what they have done The punishment has to be agreed upon by the teacher The teacher will have the ultimate say in whether or not the punishment is acceptable This is a student based discipline plan that puts a lot of emphasis on the student The

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