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Today 1 20 06 Frustrated that MP doesn t like the answer you think is correct Don t keep entering the same answer over and over Log out and email me babbitt teaching physics montana edu Homework HW 1 at end of last lecture Due Wednesday 1 25 before class Homework turn in box in Physics atrium don t confuse with lab box MP 4 will be at Mastering Physics by midnight Due next class Read through section 20 7 by 1 23 Practice problems from Serway Not to be turned in Problems 20 4 20 6 Assessment of past skills 20 minutes at end of class counts as in class activity Lab Manual Reading Read Introduction Lab 1 Specific Heat and Appendix A by 1 23 Pre Lab due before lab on Tuesday 1 24 we ll discuss on Monday Topics to cover today Heat and Internal energy Mechanical Equivalent of Heat Specific Heat Latent Heat Heat and Internal Energy Internal Energy is ALL the energy in a system at rest Doesn t include Bulk kinetic energy Gravitational potential energy Does include Bond energy Thermal energy Measured in Joules Pre lab You must do the pre lab BEFORE you get to lab In appendix A don t worry too much about confidence levels Do pre lab on a separate piece of paper All other lab work goes into lab book You must bring a lab book to first lab Also bring a black or blue pen Assigned Pre lab for Specific Heat Lab part 3 of pre lab If you last name begins with the letter A C do a D G do b H J do c K M do d M R do e S Z do f Mechanical Equivalent of Heat James Prescott Joule s experiment 1843 Specific Heat of Water 1 cal g C 4186 J kg K 15 C Mass Frictionless Pulleys T Insulated Vessel Heat is the transfer of energy in or out of system due to a T That is not to say you can t change T without heat Nor must T change when a system is heated M Water mw Work and Heat both refer to the transfer of energy in and out of a system Work on a system and Heat flowing into a system are positive if they add energy to the system Work done by a system and Heat flowing out of a system are positive if

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