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The Universe Presented by NASA s Chandra X ray Observatory Like the jelly beans in this jar the Universe is mostly dark about 96 percent consists of dark energy about 73 and dark matter about 22 Only about 4 6 percent the same proportion as the lighter colored jelly beans of the Universe including the stars planets and us is made of familiar atomic matter X rays can help reveal the secrets of the darkness X ray astrophysics is crucial to our understanding not only of the Universe we see but the quest to determine the physics of everything Dark Universe two that we know the least about yet nothing less than the ultimate fate of the The two largest pieces of the Universe dark matter and dark energy are the together and dark energy tends to drive it apart A full understanding of this cosmic struggle will require major observational and theoretical breakthroughs Universe will be determined by them Dark matter tends to pull the Universe Dark Energy At the close of the 20th century our perception of the Universe was jolted Instead of slowing down after the Big Bang the expansion of the Universe was found to be accelerating Was the cosmic acceleration due to Einstein s cosmological constant a mysterious form of dark energy or perhaps a lack of understanding of gravity The answer is still out there By studying clusters of galaxies X ray astronomy is tackling this question using powerful techniques that are independent of other methods currently being employed or proposed for the future Observable Cosmos our eyes and telescopes This includes all intergalactic and interstellar gas and The remaining 4 of the Universe is composed of everything we can see with dust stars planets and life Before dark matter was discovered in the 1930s Black Holes Dark Matter The next largest chunk of the Universe s budget is another unknown dark matter Of all of the material we know about because we can see its gravitational effects about 85 is composed of matter that emits no light and is

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