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1982 JOURNAL OF CLIMATE VOLUME 22 Evaluating the Rich Get Richer Mechanism in Tropical Precipitation Change under Global Warming CHIA CHOU Research Center for Environmental Changes Academia Sinica and Department of Atmospheric Sciences National Taiwan University Taipei Taiwan J DAVID NEELIN Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences and Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics University of California Los Angeles Los Angeles California CHAO AN CHEN Research Center for Environmental Changes Academia Sinica Taipei Taiwan JIEN YI TU Department of Atmospheric Sciences Chinese Culture University Yang Ming Shan Taipei Taiwan Manuscript received 6 February 2008 in final form 24 October 2008 ABSTRACT Examining tropical regional precipitation anomalies under global warming in 10 coupled global climate models several mechanisms are consistently found The tendency of rainfall to increase in convergence zones with large climatological precipitation and to decrease in subsidence regions the rich get richer mechanism has previously been examined in different approximations by Chou and Neelin and Held and Soden The effect of increased moisture transported by the mean circulation the direct moisture effect or thermodynamic component in respective terminology is relatively robust while dynamic feedback is poorly understood and differs among models The argument outlined states that the thermodynamic component should be a good approximation for large scale averages this is confirmed for averages across convection zones and descent regions respectively Within the convergence zones however dynamic feedback can substantially increase or decrease precipitation anomalies Regions of negative precipitation anomalies within the convergence zones are associated with local weakening of ascent and some of these exhibit horizontal dry advection associated with the upped ante mechanism Regions of increased ascent have strong positive precipitation anomalies enhanced by moisture

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