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NURS 221 Pre Professional Development 1 cr Facilitates the development of professional behaviors roles and responsibilities Provides opportunity for professional development community service and continuing education Nursing elective graded pass fail Guidelines available through Department of Nursing Prerequisite Pre nursing or nursing major sophomore level NURS 222 Math for Meds 1 cr Enables the student to develop calculation skills using the dimensional analysis technique to safely calculate and administer medications NURS 223 Art and Aesthetics in Nursing 1 cr Provides a framework to foster caring and critical thinking in nursing Artistic forms are utilized as transformative learning experiences to convey the concerns and feelings of others the sensitivity to the contexts in which others live their cultures and the unique ways they live in the world Nursing elective graded pass fail NURS 253 Nursing Perspectives 3 cr Focuses on introductory concepts of the discipline of professional nursing Open to the general university student Prerequisites ENGL 110 and PSY 111 CS 45 NURS 255 Nursing Foundations 5 cr Formulates deliberate and caring nursing actions based on scientific priniciples using the nursing process and directed toward meeting the specific needs of the adult client from diverse backgrounds within a health care setting Emphasis of this course is on effective communication techniques theoretical concepts and psychomotor skills which lead to the development of more complex nursing knowledge and practice CS 45 C L 90 NURS 263 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention 3 cr Introduces nursing theories and concepts basic for maintaining and promoting health through the life span Clinical experiences occur in various community agencies and settings Prerequisites COMM 110 HMS 213 240 and NURS 253 CS 30 C L 45 NURS 264 Health Assessment 4 cr Applies methods required for a nursing health assessment in classroom and laboratory setting Prerequisites BIOL 220 221 CHEM

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