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College of M ASS C OMMUNICATION Annual Report for 2007 M I D D L E TE N N E S S E E S TAT E U N I V E R S I T Y Greetings from the Interim Dean Dear friends I am pleased to report that the state of the College of Mass Communication is good During fall 2007 we had the privilege of welcoming to the college and to our classrooms some members of the College Board of Visitors These distinguished women and men shared their expertise with the students and later briefed the dean I can tell you based on the Board s findings that our students are getting a quality education and developing skills that are suitable for today s job market You will be pleased to know that teaching remains a top priority and the faculty s commitment to the welfare of our students has never been more unflinching As you may know the College through the Department of Electronic Media Communication EMC has become the first in the southeastern United States to have a fully digitized master control room in high definition The facility is now functional and we can t wait to show it to you This is a major development and you will be reading more about it in this Annual Report You should also visit our Web site and read the current issue of Mass Comments for highlights of outstanding achievements by our faculty students and alumni Let me take this opportunity to thank those of you who were able to be with us during last fall s tailgating event Your presence meant a lot to me and to the faculty there to greet you I look forward to seeing you again soon Please feel free to share with us your thoughts on ways to improve the College Rest assured however that the College is in good hands If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or stop by my office Sincerely John Omachonu Interim Dean College of Mass Communication 1 OUR MISSION Three undergraduate divisions The Department of Electronic Media Communication The Department of Recording Industry The School of Journalism We stimulate success and

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