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ESSTCP Enhanced Spread Spectrum TCP Amir R Khakpour Hakima Chaouchi Institut National des T l communication INT Evry France Email amir khakpour hakima chaouchi int evry fr Abstract Having stealth and lightweight authentication methods is empowering network administrators to shelter critical services from adversaries Spread Spectrum TCP SSTCP 1 is one of these methods by which the client sends an authentic sequence of SYN packets to the server for authentication Since SSTCP have some certain drawbacks and security flaws we propose an enhanced version of SSTCP ESSTCP which modifies the original algorithm to reduce the computational cost and cover its vulnerabilities from denial of service and replay attacks Some performance problems like time synchronization are also resolved We finally try to extend the functionality of this method for different applications and numbers of users by which ESSTCP can be performed as a secure Remote Procedure Call RPC 1 Introduction Hiding internet services from untrusted users would be one of the effective methods to protect not only the unpredictable attacks on local network and servers but also to the unknown potential service and software vulnerabilities discovered gradually Thereby in order to distinguish between authorized users and adversaries hidden authentication techniques should be exploited These authentication techniques should be lightweight enough to be easily applicable on vast variety of devices and strong enough to be reliable for protecting crucial services and servers Barham et al 1 proposed a few techniques in which the client authenticates to firewall and asks for access to a specific port number for connection Since this authentication has to be done stealthily the general idea is to send some specific packets to closed ports of the firewall and trigger daemons on the firewall by authentic packets to open the desired ports for the authenticated user These authentication techniques are classified into three groups

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