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44 Chapter 5 Representing Pedestrian Behaviors The generic framework is based on the requirement that the dynamics of the interactions of individuals and many components in environment are primary determinants of the complexity behavior emerging in the system Chapter 4 explained how the objects in simulation system relate to one another In this chapter we put more emphasis on an individual Mouse explaining how the agent mouse perceives its environment how the agent mouse acts upon it and how the agent mouse selects which action to perform The latter part presents the computable forms and implemented models of general behaviors found in pedestrian movement 5 1 Structure of an Agent Mouse Object Mouse in this context is an autonomous agent An agent is a distinct object that has a task to perform and it is situated in an environment that it shares with other entities perceiving and acting on these other entities This Mouse is said to be autonomous because it is reactive instinctively driven by stimulus Each agent perceives its environment and has its own physical mobility to move about because of its internal structure The internal structure of an agent mouse can be described in terms of three basic components the external perception the internal state and the behavior production system 5 1 1 External Perception Each agent has an ability to see objects and recognize stimuli in the environment In this context each agent s field of vision while walking is 360 The perceptual system eliminates the objects and stimuli hidden behind the obstacle as shown in Figure 5 1 Therefore the non shaded area in the figure determines the perceived scene and the perceived objects for an individual The radius of perception has no limit because we assume that size of the environment is relatively small Thus if there is no obstruction the individual can see through the whole space 45 Figure 5 1 Field of vision based on isovist concept This field of vision model is based on the concept of

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