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Brain Fever Bridging the Gap Between Neuroscience Psychology Neurobiology 88S Spring 2007 Thursdays 1 00 1 50 pm Geology 4660 Anthony Eskander aeskande ucla edu Office Hours R 2 3 pm Kerckhoff Coffeehouse Course Objective This course is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of the human brain starting from embryology going all the way through to the various disorders that might inflict upon this wonderful and complex structure It is very important to understand that many scientists study the brain and that each field studying it has a certain focus This course will hopefully bridge the gap between the two major schools of thought of how to approach studying the brain Rather than trying to cover many aspects of the brain we will focus on a few structures and concepts This course will be particularly valuable to those who are deciding whether they want to be a Neuroscience Psychobiology or Psychology major a dilemma that many students interested in the brain are faced with every year Course Goals By the end of this course I hope that we will all have a better understanding of how the amazing brain is able to do all that it does More importantly I hope that you will appreciate the various ways in which the brain can be studied and presented Integral to this goal is the hope that the various research talks and poster sessions will motivate you to consider conducting research in a field that excites you Grading 25 Attendance Participation 20 Research Poster Write Ups 15 Coloring Book Assignments 40 Group Presentation This course is graded on a Pass No Pass basis If you cannot attend one of our class meetings for whatever reason it is important to email me ahead of time I am here to help you and not to fail you so if you have any questions throughout the quarter please feel free to come to office hours or email me to schedule an appointment Attendance You will be considered absent if you do not attend class or arrive over 15 minutes late We meet for less than an hour a week and thus it is crucial to come on time If you miss more than 2 classes I will be forced to give you a grade of No Pass Required Text The Human Coloring Book Diamond Schiebel Elson Harper Row 1985 Yes a coloring book It gives you the basic data which supports and amplifies the seminar topics The act of coloring actually enhances the learning process and provides an excellent basis for review In hopes of helping the process along you will be required to complete coloring the pages that are assigned in the reading prior to attending class Brain Fever Bridging the Gap Between Neuroscience Psychology Research Poster Write Up You will have the opportunity of attending two Research Poster events on campus the UCLA Annual Science Poster Day May 21 1 5 pm and the Neuroscience Poster Day May 24 4 6 pm You will be required to write 2 one page summaries on 2 posters that are in a field that excites you A detailed description of poster background and results is not needed What is important are the methods and techniques utilized to reach those results A brief discussion of the results is optional Please complete a write up for 1 poster from each of the poster days Group Presentation Towards the middle of the course you will be put into groups of 3 4 to begin work on a 10 minute presentation that you will give during Week 10 The group presentation will be on a particular pathology that is commonly seen in the human brain Details and assignment specifics will be given during Week 5 Topics Covered Week 1 Introduction to The Married Couple Mr And Mrs NeuroPsych Reading Due This Week NONE Week 2 Cortical Organization General Tracts Reading Due This Week HPCB 1 1 1 2 3 6 3 7 Week 3 Cerebellum Hypothalamus Reading Due This Week HCB 5 13 5 14 5 20 Week 4 How to Give a Research Talk without Peeing In Your Pants Reading Due This Week Handouts On Website Week 5 Basal Ganglia Hippocampus Reading Due This Week HCB 5 24 5 25 5 27 Week 6 Common Neurotransmitters Their Receptors Reading Due This Week Handouts On Website Week 7 Human Brain Dissection with Dr Arnold Scheibel LAB Reading Due This Week NONE Week 8 Language Motor Impairments Aphasias Apraxias Reading Due This Week Handouts On Website May 21 UCLA Annual Science Poster Day 1 5 pm Ackerman Grand Ballroom May 24 UCLA Neuroscience Poster Day 4 6 pm Gonda Conference Room Week 9 Drugs of Abuse Alcohol Nicotine Marijuana Heroine Reading Due This Week Article on Website Week 10 Group Presentations Reading Due This Week NONE Course Website www lsic ucla edu Login Information Your username is your BOL ID and your password is your Student ID For problems logging in please email Anthony Eskander

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