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EDITORS Bill Freund Gerhard Mare Mike Morris Vishnu Padayachee ASSOCIATE EDITORS Stephen Gelb LERC Pete Hudson Alan Mabin Univ Witwatersrand David Kaplan Univ Cape Town Colin Bundy Univ Western Cape Robert Davies Univ Eduardo Mondlane Gavin Williams Univ Oxford Dan O Meara Univ of Quebec Montreal John Saul York University Layout by Vijay Makanjee PUBLICATION GUIDELINES We ask contributors to submit two 2 typed copies following the format on such issues as references and notes of articles in this issue of TRANSFORMATION Whilst the journal will cater for work at any level of abstraction or detail a number of criteria will guide the editors in selection of material for inclusion Articles should aim for academic rigour but also clarify the political implications of the issues discussed We are concerned not to compete with other South African journals that may cover related ground but in different ways this will also govern our selection principles All contributions will be assessed anonymously by referees Contributions should preferably not exceed the following lengths analytical articles 7000 words debates and review articles 3000 words The views expressed in TRANSFORMATION do not necessarily reflect those of the editors EDITORIAL AND CONTRIBUTIONS ADDRESS TRANSFORMATION c o Economic History Department University of Natal King George V Ave 4001 Durban South Africa Subscription rates and address at the back of this issue ISSN 0258 7696 TRANS FORM ATION ARTICLES STATE REFORM POLICY IN SOUTH AFRICA Mike Morris and Vishnu Padayachee 1 MORRIS AND PADAYACHEE explore the nature of the state reform process how it is itself being transformed and how it relates to the accumulation crisis that South African capitalism is experiencing A BLACK COUP INKATHA AND THE SALE OF ILANGA Alison Gillwald 27 The black press in South Africa influences hundreds of thousands of readers in English and indigenous languages GILLWALD considers the Durban based and Inkatha owned newspaper Ilanga and how it appears to succeed despite the political odds PHILOSOPHY AND THE CRISIS IN SOUTH AFRICA M A Nupen 37 For NUPEN the work of Rick Turner the Durban political philosopher assassinated ten years ago inspires the argument that philosophy in South Africa must play the role of creating a public and practical discourse that can promote critical rationality and widen democratic debate EDUCATION STRUGGLES IN NATAL KWAZULU Teachers and school committees Robert Morrell Radical teachers organisations have had a somewhat abortive start in South Africa while consen alivc organisations seem to persist MORRELL examines the situation of black teachers in attempting to explain this phenomenon 47 DEBATE THE STATE OF APARTHEID Assessing sanctions at year one Mike Fleshman and Jim Cason 66 MOVING FORWARD ON SANCTIONS A view from inside South Africa Stephen Gelb 70 In an article originalfy published in Canada FLESHMAN and CASON set forth the argument for total sanctions as promoted in activist anti apartheid circles overseas GELB considers the relevance of their critique of alternative strategies A REFLECTION ON THE VON HOLDT PLAUT DEBATE Daryl Glaser 80 TRANSFORMA TION has been contributing to an ongoing debate about South African trade union politics GLASER suggests that neither the workerists nor the populists so called present an adequate approach to the issue of democracy in a future South Africa RESPONSE TO SPIEGEL Ari Sitas 87 Andrew Spiegel s repfy TRANSFORMATION 61988 to Sitas contribution on worker poetry in Natal receives a reply from SITAS in turn REVIEWS Putting a Plough to the Ground Accumulation and Dispossession in Rural South Africa 1850 1930 Ann Vaughan 91 South African Review 4 Bill Freund 95

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