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Formation of Groups Marriage and Family Marriage and Family Marriage Marriage Mating one a relationship variable in the between formation one or Mating is biological marriage isofmore kinship men male groups or female affinal2003 507 and relatives one or more The cultural Haviland other is male women descent or consanguineal female recognized relatives by the is culturally society Because as havinggender a continuing claimdefined to the the man mayaccess be a female or the woman right of sexual to one another may be a male Haviland 2003 507 Haviland 2003 514 Marriage and Family Conjugal bond Affines relatives by marriage Consanguineal kin relatives by birth Incest taboo very strong prohibition against mating within particular group Marriage and Family Rules of Marriage Monogamy One spouse Endogamy Marry inside group Polygamy Multiple spouses Exogamy Marry outside group Polygyny Multiple wives Incest taboo Strong prohibition marriage inside Polyandry Multipleagainst husbands group Marriage and Family Levirate brother marriage Sororate sister marriage Either of the above may be anticipatory Marriage and Family Parallel cousin Cousin Marriage ego s father s brother s children or mother s sister s children Marriage and Family X Cousin Marriage in Matrilineal Societies Sometimes prescriptive should Sometimes proscriptive must adoption fictive Marriage and Family Cross cousin X Cousin Marriage ego s father s sister s children or mother s brother s children Marriage and Family Sex and Marriage Across Cultures Trobriand Islands New Guinea Greece Marriage and Family Family in anthropological terms it is a Note So far on co operation group composed of a woman her dependent Human indeed all man social animals The continues to bejoined the most children and family atbeings least one adult areofinnately co operative universal form human organization through marriage or blood social relationship Haviland 2003 537 Marriage and Family Family relatives Nuclear families independence training Extended families dependence training Marriage and Family Traditional functions of families Emotional nurturance Sex control Economic Co operation Physical nurturance Enculturation

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