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Mobile Device Security Training Austin Polley Information Technology Assistance Center iTAC Kansas State University Why Focus on Mobile Device Security y Idea of being g jjust a phone p Smaller size Increased mobility Increased functionality Value Wh Where are we going i A look at common security concerns with mobile devices Tips p to secure yyour devices and keep p yyour data safe What to do when security is compromised Questions and open discussion S Security it C Concerns Physical Access Staying safe while using device What to do before after you lose your phone Ph i l A Physical Access Always keep track of your mobile device Never leave it unattended for any amount of time Don t leave it in the care of others When storing your device you can never be too safe St Store in i llocked k d cabinet bi t or d drawer iin office ffi Ph i l A Physical Access Check what security settings your device has Pin number Pi b password d swipe i pattern tt unlock l k features Wipe phone after x amount of failed login attempts Belt clips can be problematic carry it securely Choose to leave phone at home when you don t need it Staying safe while using device Avoid public or open WIFI hotspots hotspots Use mobile data connection tethering g mobile hotspot p etc Use a VPN Client Turn off unnecessary features Staying safe while using device Only keep the files you need Virtual Credit Card Numbers Reporting location in social networks can be dangerous Malicious content Newer threat threat especially to Android Devices Apps collect user data spam contact list etc Read about the developer read reviews don t assume anything Read R dP Permissions i i b before f iinstalling t lli A App markets k t can be open and vulnerable Don t allow apps from unknown sources 3rd party Appstores Appstores M li i Malicious content t t What s the answer to android viruses Android antiviruses of course Many Popular AVs now have an android version P Preventative t ti Measures M Making preventative steps is the only way Smartphones have find my phone remote wipe remote lock remote scream abilities Many 3rd party options Varies for each device device learn what yours is capable of Find the solution that you think will work best for you and test it P Preventative t ti Measures M Encryption yp Not all devices have it even less have it as a built in function and even fewer than that implement it well Blackberry is known for good encryption Reports that iphone encryption is poor almost no encryption on android Possibility for this to change If your device is lost or stolen Use any systems you had in place to Find y your p phone make sure it didn t just j g get left at work If its been stolen remote wipe it if you can Device has to have some type of connection to receive commands Contact Law enforcement and cell carrier Q Questions ti Open O Discussion Di i Th k You Thank Y

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