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Concepts Areas In DAPS Not Addressed By The Framework General Guidance Reference Documents o DAPS assumes a methodology the Framework does not so it has to be a lot more vague to encompass everyone o DAPS often gives a reason understanding of why a topic is important Many specifics of what is assumed by the terminology used in the question o E g what regulations to consider for compliance what is included in meant by analysis etc o Many issues that are generally included in risks in the Framework are specifically called out in DAPS e g capability gaps dependencies on technology developed externally complementary programs Who is responsible DoD specific process and artifacts products o E g CARD JCIDS documentation DoDAF products threats and scenarios approved for DIA government oversight issues etc Impacts o Except for impacts due to change requests the Framework does not specifically address the impact due to constraints dependencies etc on schedule cost whatever It is probably assumed to be part of the analysis Security challenges except probably generically as a risk Lessons learned or process improvement Specific To DAPS Sections 1 1 2 Family of Systems System of Systems o Most concepts are handled generically in the Framework 2 1 2 Concept of prioritizing classifying constraints and dependencies 3 3 5 Information Management o E g Integrated Digital Environment IDE access Intellectual Property IP Data Rights 4 1 4 Design Considerations Environment Safety and Occupational Health 4 1 5 Design Considerations Spectrum Management 4 1 7 Design Considerations Corrosion 4 1 8 Design Considerations Human Systems Integration HSI 4 3 2 Technical Baselines Configuration Management 4 4 1 Engineering Tools Systems and Software Engineering SSE tools Frame work only addresses modeling and simulation tools 4 4 3 Engineering Tools Producibility and Production Planning Tools o Concept of Producibility is not in Framework though producibility factors are probably spread throughout the management questions 4 7 Supportability Planning o 4 7 1 Acquisition logistics o 4 7 2 Performance based logistics PBL o 4 7 3 Sustainment 5 2 1 Suitability Reliability Assessment except generically as a KPP o Reliability requirements achievability o Materiel reliability mission reliability and logistics reliability o Effect of support approaches LCC and ownership cost of varying reliability values 5 2 2 Suitability Availability Assessment except generically as a KPP o Materiel availability o Operational availability not a KPP 5 2 3 Suitability Maintainability Assessment except generically as a KPP o Transition to operations o Logistics considerations o Ownership costs addressed in Framework in total life cycle costs question but not specifically as through M O o Quality in operations 5 3 1 Survivability Live Fire Test and Evaluation Assessment o Vulnerability o Lethality 5 4 1 Production Assessed Manufacturing o Labor standards o Facilities o OSHA o Maintenance of Production Equipment 5 4 2 Production Assessed Quality o Programmatic data on process execution and effectiveness o Process improvement 6 1 Special Interest Areas Readiness Levels Gate ing process for proceeding though some is addressed in Framework as technology maturity

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