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Joe Klee Dr Gust Behavior Management Professional Development Workshop On October the 8th I attended the second day of the Guided Reading Workshop for the first grade teachers in Warsaw Community Schools Along with the four first grade teachers at Madison the ESL teacher the reading recovery teacher and the Title I teacher also attended the workshop I had heard about guided reading groups before and have had a chance to see several of them through assigned observations for various classes This was always a practice that I had wondered about in regards to management issues I have seen it done mostly with aides in the classrooms I wondered how practical it is since most of the classrooms don t have a full time aide I have always seen the teacher led groups and never observed anything else The workshop was managed smoothly I was able to gain some more insight as to what guided reading was supposed to look like The leaders had videotaped some of the first grade teachers from within the district to illustrate effective teaching methods This really helped me as a beginning teacher to really see what these lessons look like in real life since I have not had much experience with them personally After we saw the video clips we talked about what we saw I found it interesting to listen to the other teachers input and compare contrast my own interpretations with theirs Some things we were right with each other but on other things I found myself noticing things that were interpreted differently I think this might be because the differences in teacher education now They learned with different methods and don t have the luxury of just coming from the classroom Some of them are in the process of dramatically revising their reading programs Whereas this is what I have been taught originally I like the ideas of guided reading groups I think it is important that they take some ownership with what they are reading The way Heather set it up in Lit Block we got to chose what we wanted to read and we were placed into groups that way I can definitely see myself using this at times throughout the year For myself I want to challenge myself into looking deeper into guided reading management techniques for the younger grades In my classroom I would like to use this at least one time each semester I think this is important enough that it needs to be incorporated even if it wasn t the new curriculum

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