Is Your Tribal Land Secure


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Teaching Notes Is Your Tribal Land Secure By Larry Ralston The Evergreen State College Learning Objectives To explore the meaning of tribal rights under treaties and executive orders To learn about current issues affecting the Quileute and the Hoh Tribes To learn about the role and practices of federal agencies such as the Department of the Interior and the National Park Service To understand government to government consultation To understand different ways to negotiate disputes To gain understanding of federal agencies responsibilities to tribes under various laws and the trust doctrine To understand the possible implications of global warming and other environmental forces for the Quileute and Hoh people To explore the process by which a bill becomes law in the US Congress To understand about emergency preparedness procedures and resources Additional Background information The Hoh Safe Homelands Bill HR 1061 finally passed unanimously through the US Congress in September 2010 In December 2010 there was word that agreement had been reached on a bill to transfer land to the Quileute Tribe That bill is currently working its way through Congress Discussion Questions organized by level of complexity with tier one questions emphasizing facts Tier One 1 What is global warming What are its possible implications for the Quileute 2 What is a tsunami What are the basic steps in being prepared for an earthquake and tsunami 3 What is the stated policy of the National Park Service in terms of consultation with Indian tribes 4 What has happened to the Quileute Tribe s land base i e their Reservation Tier Two 5 Ninety five percent of the Olympic National Park is a federally designated wilderness area What impact does this have on the negotiations with the Quileute 1 6 One of the leaders at Quileute claimed that they needed to be constantly on the alert to their neighbors What did he mean by this In what ways are the Quileute s interests different from and similar to those of the

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