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Perception of Others The Perception Process 1 How we handle perception of others a First we select what we can handle 1 Repetitious or loud stimuli 2 We have motives 3 We omit information 4 We oversimplification b Then we organize by using a perceptual schema 1 We organize people by physical constructs 2 Role constructs 3 Interaction constructs focus on social behavior 4 Psychological constructs 5 This helps us form impressions of others and make generalizations How does schemata help us When have you been wrong When has someone else been wrong about you 2 What is a stereotype Categorizing others on the basis of easily recognized but not necessarily significant characteristics 3 What is punctuation Determination of causes and effects in a series of interactions a A person not calling back after a first date b A student who copies test answers from the student next to him c A waitress giving you lousy service d A child who beats up on other kids Do we punctuate situations too quickly How do we stereotype based on our first impressions 4 Discuss interpretation a Our degree of involvement with the person Why does a person not calling back after a date hurt but a waitress giving us lousy service is simply annoying b Relational satisfaction why are we so fickle Why do we give up so easily Why are we willing to blame our partners so quickly Mirroring may solve this c Past experiences how much do we apply our background to current situations Does this work d Assumptions what are yours Do you view people as generally good or rotten e Expectations are yours realistic My expectations have nothing to do with you f Knowledge of others if you hear an instructor is rude to all students you won t take his her actions personally g Personal moods what do you perceive when you are angry versus when you are happy What happens to your rationale during these various moods 5 Attribution we attach meaning to behavior She didn t make eye contact with me she must not like me But there are

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