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Music Technology and Storage Group 10 Peridot Elizabeth Gao Alex Grabast Natalie Horne Jessy Johnson Monica Starr and Michaela Wubbels Over the years the music industry has changed and adapted to the needs of society What started out as a simple idea turned into a reality Music storage used to involve huge wasteful products Recording music used to be difficult and tedious Now we are thankful that we have many technological advancements like sound editing software compact discs speakers and mp3 players Sound editing software There is a basic process that all sound editing software follows The software enters and takes out vibrations to make the music faster slower lower or higher This is called frequency and it is measured in hertz or kilohertz It may contain different waves at different speed levels and volumes too Sound amplitude level and gain are measured in decibels dB If you bring the music up 6 dB you bring the amplitude up by and the power up by Amplitude is the size of vibration that makes the music louder or softer There are many different sound editing software options available two of which are Garage Band and Audacity Garage Band is software that works like a teacher It teaches you to play the instrument you have and what you can do with the instrument Audacity also does the simple things that Garage Band does You can record live audio and adjust volume You can change the pitch and the speed Some effects you can do with Audacity are making the music echo reversing the music making the bass louder and removing hissing or humming How CDs are made The music industry has come very far since 1983 but there is one thing that has not changed That is the compact disc or CD The idea started in the early 1970 s when Laserdisc and Phillips experimented with audio only optical discs In 1979 Phillips and Sony merged They created the Red Book the standard CD By 1983 compact discs were in stores Over the course of the next ten years many other versions of the compact

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