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Prof. Erin StilesMendocino Hall 2026Phone: 8-7329HRS 144: INTRODUCTION TO ISLAMCourse Requirements and GradingSchedule of Topics and ReadingsSpread of Islam and the Growth of the UmmaProf. Erin Stiles Mendocino Hall 2026 Phone: 8-7329 Email: [email protected] TA: Ms. Malina Dunk Email: [email protected] Office Hours: TBA HRS 144: INTRODUCTION TO ISLAM GE Area C1 Department of Humanities and Religious Studies Spring 2007, Tues: 5:30-8:20 PM Catalog Description Survey of the Islamic way of life: its beliefs, traditions and practices from Qur’anic origins and the Sunna of the Prophet Muhammad. The historical development of Islamic law, religious sects, mysticism and the intellectual thought of the global Muslim community from medieval to contemporary times. Section 1 The course also offers a general introduction to the history of Islam, Islamic texts, and important variations in worship and religious practice around the world. We will discuss the importance of Islam in the world today, and how interpretations of religion can have global import. Islam is a wide-ranging and varied spiritual tradition; we will learn how Muslims today and throughout history have interpreted Islamic texts and ideas in varied ways. Books to Purchase: Denny, Frederick Introduction to Islam Renard, John Windows on the House of Islam Fernea, Elizabeth Guests of the Sheikh The Qur’an, trans. M.A.S. Abdel Haleem Websites: Qur’an Reference Website: General Islamic Studies: Course Requirements and Grading 15% three pop quizzes (attendance) 15% three short essays 35% first exam 35% second exam • There will be three surprise quizzes on reading throughout the semester to monitor your attendance and your reading comprehension. If you complete readings on time and come to class, you should be fine. • Three short essays on the readings are required as noted on syllabus. Essays should be 1-2 pages. The essays are short but should be your best writing and should show a careful consideration of topic assigned. o Late essays will lose one point for each day they are late (including weekends) • The two exams will consist of identification, short answer, and essay questions; please note that the final exam is cumulative, though it will focus mostly on material from the second half of the semester. o Make-up exams or quizzes are NOT permitted. • Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in an automatic F for the course. Learning Goals: Students in HRS 144 will be able to: • Describe important events in Islamic history and the development of Islamic thought • Identify important concepts in the religious life and practice of Muslim peoples • Compare how Muslims in varied cultural contexts have interpreted Islamic texts and ideas in different ways • Explain the importance of understanding variations in Islam in the world today 12Schedule of Topics and Readings Date Topic Reading Jan 30 • Introduction to Course • Film: Foundations (Living Islam, vol 1) None Feb 6 • Perceptions of Islam in the West. • Pre-Islamic Arabia: People and Religions Denny: Ch 1, 2 Feb 13 • Muhammad and the Revelations • The Early Muslim Community Denny: Ch 3 Qur’an: 96, 110-114 Renard: 119-130 Feb 20 • The Qur’an • Interpretation of the Qur’an Short essay due Denny: Ch 6 Qur’an: Surahs 1, 99-109 Renard: pp 28-57 Feb 27 • The Sunna and Hadith • Principles of Faith Denny, Ch 7 and Qur’an: Surahs 39, 64, 67, 69, 75, 81 Renard: pp 24-28 March 6 • Principles of Worship: The Five Pillars • Film: Inside Mecca Denny: Ch 5 Renard: pp 59-74 March 13 • Spread of Islam and the Growth of the Umma • Film: The Challenge of the Past Denny: Ch 4, 8 March 20 MIDTERM EXAM March 27 Spring Break! Fernea, pp 1-135 April 3 • Shari’a: Islamic Law • Islamic law in the world today East Africa Case Study Denny: Ch 9, 12 Renard, 132-135, 208-209 April 10 • Sufism Short Essay due Denny: Ch 10, 11 Renard, pp 130-132; 149-155; 162-166 April 17 • Exemplary Models • The Shi’i worldview Denny: Ch 13, pp 307-311 Fernea, 135-215 April 24 • Women and Gender • Film: Paradise Lies at the Feet of the Mother Short Essay due Fernea, 216-end May 1 • Islamic Reform • Islamic Revival Denny: Ch 14 May 8 • Politics and Political Movements • Film: The Last Crusade (Living Islam, vol 6) Denny: Ch 15, pp 340-350 May 15 • Islam in the USA • Film: Muslims in America Denny: Ch 15, 350-362, Ch 16 May 22 FINAL

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